iPhone 6 case spotlight: SNAP!6

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If there’s one thing we learned from our iPhone 6 case spotlights leading up to the iPhone 6 launch, it’s that our readers want to know about the cases available to them. As such, Technology Tell is continuing our look at the iPhone 6 case lineup from manufacturers whose products we have reviewed for previous iPhone models. Check back each day as we help you determine which cases you should buy (or wait for) to protect your new mobile device.

SNAP! 6 – The Easiest Way To Snap a Shot With Your iPhone 6

Based on pretty much everything I’m hearing and reading, Kickstarter is losing its luster. People just aren’t paying attention to it and its projects anymore, for largely legitimate reasons.

On the other hand, people are paying attention to iPhone 6 cases, so you can see our conundrum here. If you’re an iPhone 6 user, you may want to turn to Kickstarter one last time to check out the recently announced SNAP!6.

SNAP!6 is an iPhone 6 case with a shutter button and interchangeable lenses to make iPhone photography more natural and provide more interesting results. The shutter button is inspired by traditional camera; just one press, and you’re done.

iPhone 6 case spotlight - Snap!6

You won’t have to worry about blocking your view of the iPhone screen or, worse, holding your iPhone in an awkward manner that places your hand in front of the lens. Plus, the case provides an easier one-handed grip via the wider design under the shutter button, so there’s less chance you’ll drop your phone when grabbing a quick shot. I don’t think I have to tell you how much easier this will make it to take selfies.

iPhone 6 case spotlight - Snap!6

Then, there’s the lens system. By including macro and wide-angle lenses, you can enhance your photos with tighter details, or get a wider perspective of your immediate environment.

iPhone 6 case spotlight - Snap!6

If bitplay reaches $40,000 in funding, they’ll also develop 3x telephoto and CPL lenses.

As for the case itself, not much is offered in regard to construction. We know it comes in black, silver, strawberry pink and deep blue, all with a metallic sheen. It looks to provide complete coverage for your iPhone, and comes with a hands-free strap to prevent you from dropping it in the first place.

iPhone 6 case spotlight - Snap!6

It being a Kickstarter project, you pretty much have your choice of price levels. $35.00 is enough to get you a case, but you can go all the way to $125 to get two cases, two wide angle lenses and two leather wrist-straps. The Snap!6 is currently only being offered for iPhone 6, but if bitplay reaches $80,000 (they’re fully funded at just under $25,000 at press time, with 25 days to go), they’ll put an iPhone 6 Plus model into production, as well.

Learn more or make your pledge at If you’d rather not wait for a Kickstarter campaign to end before you get your iPhone 6 case, check out our full collection of iPhone 6 case product announcements in the iPhone 6 case spotlight series.

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  • Jim

    Wife and I on church trip with 31 others to Holly Land Trip. leaving 29 Oct. Just got wife Iphon 6 for trip for pictures. been looking for a case – this looks like a fantastic product. Any chance to get one asap with at least a wrist strap.