iPhone 6 case review: X-Doria Scene Plus

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The X-Doria Scene Plus for iPhone 6 has one of the more unique designs available for pretty much any iPhone model, especially amongst those that are basically just plastic classes.

The 3D effect on the back of case is achieved with a multi-layered printing process that creates depth and adds a fun splash of color to what would otherwise just be a clear plastic case. Here are two of the three available designs:

iPhone 6 case X-Doria Scene Plus

My review sample is the third model pictured below. All three designs will work on any of the three iPhone colors, although there are some obvious matches. The circular design above will look best on the silver and space gray models, I think, whereas my review unit is best suited for gold. Still, I have no problem with how it looks on my space gray iPhone 6.

iPhone 6 case X-Doria Scene Plus

Design is one thing, but it wouldn’t amount to much if it sacrificed protection. The hard plastic shell and rubber bumper of the Scene Plus combine to address that issue, but there are a couple problems. First, the rubber bumper doesn’t rise far enough above the iPhone screen to protect if from surface contact, so you’re going to watch a protective shield.

Second, the bottom layer is so tightly cut around the headphone and Lightning port jacks that not only will it not work with any third-party docks, but it may not even work with third-party Lightning cables and headphones. I couldn’t plug my Just Mobile AluCable Flat into my iPhone with the Scene Plus on it, a problem I haven’t had with any other iPhone 6 case.

iPhone 6 case X-Doria Scene Plus

On the bright side, the volume and sleep/wake buttons under the rubber protection are still very responsive, and the rubber provides a better grip than you’re going to get from the iPhone alone. It’s also one of the easier cases to get off your iPhone 6. Considering the third-party accessory compatibility problem, that’s a very good thing.

I’m a fan of X-Doria, and I do like the design of these cases. However, because of the compatibility issue, the minimal screen protection, and the fact that the plastic cases gets scratched easily, I’ll suggest you try out other cases before going with the Scene Plus. It’s a decent purchase, but there are better options available.

Apple Channel Rating C

Buy the X-Doria Scene Plus for iPhone 6

Provides: Protection from scuffs/scratches and minor drops
Developer: X-Doria
Minimum Requirements: iPhone 6
Price: $29.99
Availability: now

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