iPhone 6 wallet case review: CM4 Q Card Case

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I don’t use wallet cases. I know that people do. I’ve reviewed them, and I can appreciate their functionality, but I think the extra pockets and flaps just get in the way when I want to use my iPhone for something other than hauling cards and money around, which is just shy of 100% of the time.

But now I’ve tried the CM4 Q Card Case for iPhone 6, and I think this is one many iPhone owners could make their permanent case.

iPhone 6 case - CM4 Q Card Case

The best thing about the Q Card Case is that it has no flap. It’s not a folio, it achieves the wallet functionality by placing a pocket on the back of the case. The benefit is that you don’t have the cover in the way when you want to talk on the phone, type on it, or play games on it. There’s nothing to fold back for general use, nothing to leave dangling when taking photos. Of course, that means no screen protection, but the edges of the Q Card at least lift the screen off of surfaces when placed face down. For protection beyond that, you’ll need to buy a separate screen protector (although you can get one for free with under a current CM4 promotion).

The drawback is that there’s not a whole lot of room to carry other objects. The CM4 site claims it holds three cards plus cash, but this is only achievable if it’s not a lot of cash, and if they aren’t all credit cards. Otherwise, the pocket gets pretty tight and your cards won’t go in all the way. Still, for carrying an ID, a credit card, and—in my case—a Midwest Seahawkers membership card, it does the trick.

The case is made of soft-touch rubber that provides some shock protection and makes for easy application and removal. The volume and sleep/wake buttons under the rubber are responsive, and the port openings are wide enough to accommodate most cables. You won’t be using any third-party docks when sporting the Q Card Case, but that’s not a deal breaker because the case is so easy to remove.

iPhone 6 case - CM4 Q Card Case

As for the pocket on the back, CM4 only refer to it as a “premium fabric design.” I have no idea what the means, other than it’s not leather. But the stitching seems solid, and the material does soften after a while to accommodate those three cards plus cash.

The Q Card Case is available in black onyx, champagne gold, and pacific green. Those are some old school colors, but they work here. The only design element I don’t like is the oddly cut camera opening, but that’s not worth getting too upset about.

iPhone 6 case - CM4 Q Card Case

So, overall, I like the CM4 Q Card Case more than most other wallet cases I’ve tried. It obviously makes more sense for general iPhone use than as a full-time wallet, but when you don’t need to take much with you when you go out, it’s a very convenient option that doesn’t interfere with your main iPhone needs.

Apple Channel Rating B

Buy the CM4 Q Card Case

Provides: Protection from scuffs, scratches and minor drops, pocket for carrying ID, cards and cash
Developer: CM4
Minimum Requirements: iPhone 6 (also available for other iPhone and Samsung models)
Price: $39.99
Availability: Now

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