iPhone 6 case review: Evutec Brigandine Karbon S Series [updated]

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[Originally published October 17, 2014. Updated October 28, 2014.]

The Evutec Brigandine Karbon S Series iPhone 6 case is so thin, it may as well be a skin. A skin that offers better protection, but isn’t quite as snug.

The important designation on this review is Karbon S, as that’s the model. Brigandine is the design, and the case also comes in Osprey, Kozane, and Lorica, which are basically just color designations.

iPhone 6 case spotlight evutec

The Karbon S is defined by its 0.7mm thickness and DuPont™ Kevlar® fibers. Other cases may claim to be thin, but they’re obviously not using the Evutec Karbon S as a basis of comparison. And yet, the aforementioned fibers make the case five times stronger than steel at the same weight, according to the website, but don’t interfere with your GPS, Wifi or cellular signal. In other words, those of you avoiding aluminum cases because of signal interference may want to consider something like this.

I’m impressed by the color options of the Karbon S series, as we’re used to seeing this type of design in black only. Note that when compared to the photos on the website, however, the color of my actual Brigandine review model is more muted. Kind of dingy. Still, it works, and I’m happy with the overall appearance.

The Karbon S case snaps easily over the rounded edges of your iPhone 6, leaving the top and bottom mostly open for compatibility with some third-party docks.

iPhone 6 case Evutec Karbon S

The areas around the sleep/wake button and the volume/mute controls are left completely open, so you won’t have to worry about accidentally hitting them when applying and removing the case.

The protection, although strong, is a bit minimal. The edges just barely rise over the screen, leaving it somewhat exposed to damage if placed face down. There’s also a circular cutout around the Apple logo on the back, leaving it exposed to damage, as well. As such, I recommend additional screen and back protection when using the Evutec Karbon S.

iPhone 6 case Evutec Karbon S

The one thing that surprised me about the Karbon S, however, is that the fit wasn’t as tight as I’d expected. The case actually wiggles a bit around the iPhone. This is barely noticeable during normal use, but it’s there. With the open areas all around the phone, I imagine that dust and such can and will get inside. And although the Karbon S is very strong against scratches, its drop protection is minimal. If these items are important, you may be better off holding until Evutec’s Karbon SI is released for iPhone 6.

[Update – October 28, 2014: Evutec has acknowledged a minor issue with the fit in the initial run, and sent me an updated model. The fit is still a bit loose, but the case is much easier to remove now in the bottom corners. This is a nice change, but doesn’t affect our original rating.]

Still, the Evutec Brigandine Karbon S Series provides basic, but very strong protection against general wear and tear, is easy to use, and adds virtually no bulk to your iPhone 6. For that reason, I’m rating it a B, but I’d feel more comfortable about that if it were about $5 to $10 cheaper.

Apple Channel Rating B

Buy the Evutec Brigandine Karbon S Series iPhone 6 case

Provides: Strong protection from scratches and scuffs
Developer: Evutec
Minimum Requirements: iPhone 6 (also available for iPhone 5/5s, iPad Air and iPad mini)
Price: $39.99
Availability: Now

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  • Adam

    It’s a shame… I have yet to see you review one of the best cases on the market – the Body Glove Dropsuit. My first one gave me two years of flawless service on my iPhone 5 – no dings, no scratches, nothing. All that despite the normal drops and falls that accompany a handheld device. When I got my 6 on launch day, I was scared to death to use the thing and summarily ordered an updated Dropsuit with expedited shipping. Sure, does it make the thin and svelte iPhone 6 a little bigger and bulkier? Of course… But it’s more than worth it and not nearly as bulky as an otter box or something equivalent. I highly recommend you review one!