iPhone 6 case review: Seidio CAPSA TouchView case with metal kickstand

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Seidio understands and appreciates your need for screen protection to accompany your case, but they also understand that you may not want to bother with separate purchases/installations, or with the bulk that usually comes with full protection cases. Their answer is the CAPSA TouchView case, which comes with a 0.5mm 5H rated screen protector that closes over your iPhone 6 screen like the door of a curio cabinet.

Seidio CAPSA iphone 6 case

The screen, which snaps into place opposite the hinges, has an oleophobic coating that helps prevent the appearance of fingerprint smudges on screen, It’s pretty effective at this, but swiping on the protector isn’t as smooth as doing so on the phone itself, and I found it a tad bit unresponsive when texting—usually on the edges and when playing games (not the best option for a round of Terra Battle). It doesn’t wipe off quite as well, either. The TouchID sensor is left uncovered, so no worries about losing functionality.

The rest of your phone is well-protected, too. A cutout on the back allows the Apple logo to show through, but it’s under a piece of plastic to prevent dust and debris from getting through to your phone. Openings on the bottom are wide enough to accommodate headphone and Lightning cables (no docking, though), and the volume and sleep/wake buttons are responsive under the TPU case, although you do lose their satisfying “click.”

iPhone 6 case - Seidio CAPSA

Regarding the casing, Seidio uses a honeycomb pattern on the CAPSA’s interior, providing extra cushioning against drops that exceeds MIL-STD-810G standards. When inside the CAPSA, your phone will be able to withstand drops of up to 4 feet. Note that despite the screen protection, however, it is not water resistant.

And finally, there’s the kickstand. This is good for horizontal viewing, but doesn’t support vertical display. It snaps into the case when not in use, where it becomes a nice design element, actually.

iPhone 6 case - Seidio CAPSA

Overall, the Seidio CAPSA does add some bulk to your iPhone 6, but not as much as many competing products. The snap cover screen protector is a nice touch when you need it, and you can fold it behind the phone when you don’t. I’d be happier if the case easier to get on and off, but it’s not as bad as some others I’ve tested with the iPhone 6.

And if you’re worried about the mythical “bendgate,” the CAPSA will be compatible with the CAPSA holster, coming soon for $19.95. The case itself is available now in black, blue, red and pink.

Apple Channel Rating B

Buy the Seidio CAPSA TouchView iPhone 6 case with metal kickstand

Provides: Built-in screen protection, and MIL-STD-810G standard protection from scratches, scuff and drops
Developer: Seidio
Minimum Requirements: iPhone 6
Price: $39.95
Availability: Now

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