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In mythology, Aegis was the shield carried by Zeus and Athena, sometimes bearing the the head of a Gorgon. In the mobile device world, it’s a two-piece protective case for your iPhone, bearing the logo of Apple.

iPhone 6 case - Trident Aegis

With that name, of course the Aegis is all about protection. It has so many protective features that Trident Case chose to lay them out graphically on their website, rather than just describe them all.

iphone 6 case - aegis

I can verify pretty much all of them, except perhaps for the 26 drops onto concrete feature. Quite honestly, I didn’t test that even once. But just looking at the Aegis, you know your phone is going to be safe inside of it.

The protection begins with the inner piece, a  shock-absorbing Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE) that loosely and easily slips around your iPhone 6. Over this, you’ll snap the hardened polycarbonate exterior.

iPhone 6 case - Trident Aegis

The TPE is always black, but the exterior piece is available in black, blue, gray, pink, red, green and white.

The soft interior is cut for obvious alignment, but I found it rather difficult to get good placement due to the rigid immobility of the plastic piece. Getting it off was a bit of a chore, too—both being much harder than I expected from a two-piece system.

The various ports of the iPhone are protected by flaps in the TPE. This is great for protection, but the flaps were a bit difficult to pull and hold back, and the mute switch flap is slightly misaligned. It’s certainly usable, but off.

iPhone 6 case - Trident Aegis

And for a case that works so hard to protect every aspect of your iPhone, I have to wonder why Trident left an open circle around the Apple logo on the back. At the least, this should have been covered up with a piece of plastic.

Otherwise, the Trident Aegis case is a pretty solid option for robust protection of your iPhone 6. Just be sure that you enter into it with no plans of removing the case with any degree of frequency, and that your only option for syncing or charging will be the Apple Lightning cable. If you’re okay with that, then if it’s good enough for Zeus and Athena, it’ll likely be good enough for you.

Apple Channel Rating C

Buy the Trident Case Aegis for iPhone 6 case

Provides: Screen protection, dust/particle protection, and MIL-STD-810G standard protection from scratches, scuff and drops
Developer: Trident Case
Minimum Requirements: iPhone 6 (also available for pretty much every Apple and Android device you can imagine)
Price: $34.95
Availability: Now

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