iPhone 6 case review: Ventev via snap

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Earlier this month, the Ventev Penna was the first iPhone 6 case to receiver our A grade. The second Ventev case we’re evaluating—the via snap—doesn’t fare quite as well, but there are still elements to like about this lightweight case.

The via snap is about as basic as an iPhone case can be. It’s simply a clear, polycarbonate shell that snaps around the edges of your iPhone 6. The plastic alternates between transparency and translucency in a Y pattern that makes for a cool way to highlight the Apple logo, but that’s it for design elements.

iPhone 6 case ventev via snap

The main problem with the case comes from the clear polycarbonate construction, not from the design. You can’t prevent scratches and scuffs from marring the via snap’s appearance. Better the case than your iPhone, of course, but you’ll quickly end up with a less-than-new appearance.

Unlike some other polycarbonate snap cases I’ve tried out with the iPhone 6, the via snap isn’t too terribly difficult to get on and off. I’m actually more worried about damage to the case than I am to the iPhone this time around, as the plastic above the sleep/wake button and the volume buttons is very thin, and could break easily.

iPhone 6 case ventev via snap

I was very careful with mine and no incidents, however, so you may be okay if you also treat it with caution.

The good news, though, is that there’s little reason to remove the via snap once it’s on. It’s very easy to get to all the necessary buttons and ports, and because the bottom area is completely open, you should have no trouble using the via snap with a third-party dock. It worked just fine with my iHome alarm clock speaker dock.

iPhone 6 case ventev via snap

I’d be happier if the via snap came with some sort of screen protection, as the edges don’t rise far enough above the screen to keep it fully safe when placed face down. Ventev does, however, provide various screen protection options, sold separately.

Oh, and one other plus about the via snap is that it’s very comfortable to hold. The curved edges flow nicely into the iPhone 6 itself, giving it a natural feel that’s quite a bit like holding the iPhone without protection. That’s kind of the point of a lightweight case such as this, after all; to look and feel like you have no case at all. In that regard, the Ventev via snap is successful. I think you’d be better served by a case that focuses more on protection and less on not being there, but if you’re looking for a quality middle-ground between case and skin (at a price that’s closer to skin), the Ventev via snap is a good option.

Apple Channel Rating B

Buy the Ventev via snap iPhone 6 case

Provides: Protection from scuffs/scratches
Developer: Ventev
Minimum Requirements: iPhone 6
Price: $19.99
Availability: Now

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