iPhone 6 case review: New Trent Alixo 6S ultra-thin rugged case

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My last review of a New Trent case—which was the first product I’d tried from the company—didn’t go over so well. As such, I was a little apprehensive about giving the Alixo 6S a go. That apprehension was unfounded, as the Alixo 6S is a solid case considering the low price point.

The design of the Alixo 6S is fairly basic; a clear plastic back piece with pliable edges snaps around plastic screen protector with white or black framing (both colors come with the case).

iPhone 6 case New Trent Alixo 6S

Note in the picture above that the protective sheet is still on the white framed screen protector; New Trent does a great job of protecting the pieces in the box, and they kind of have to. The problem with clear plastic is that every scratch and scuff is readily apparent and pretty much permanent. Better on the case than on your iPhone, of course, but the Alixo 6S will start to show its age quite quickly.

On the other hand, the two piece system and the close fit make the case dust resistant, so it’s less likely you’ll be trapping dust particles, crumbs, etc. between the case your phone.

The sleep/wake and volume buttons are responsive under the soft edges of the case, and the camera and mute switch openings are wide enough to not interfere with their functionality. The bottom area is more protective, utilizing flaps to protect the headphone and Lightning port. In my review unit, the headphone port flap wouldn’t sit flush, but I had no problem with the Lightning port.

iPhone 6 case New Trent Alixo 6S

They’re pretty tight, though, so pulling them back far enough to actually insert a headphone or Lightning cable is more of a chore than it should be.

The screen protector is pretty good; I didn’t get any of the “rainbow blemishes” I sometimes see under protective screens, and typing above the screen protector was no trouble. Swiping was a bit more finicky, however, especially during games. Also, the TouchID cover made for inconsistent responsiveness. Sometimes it worked on the first try, sometimes after a couple, sometimes not at all. But this is a tradeoff I’m willing to accept for the protection provided, as I was able to use my iPhone for photos and texting during a light rain at a recent football game. The screen was spotted with water droplets, but my iPhone remained try.

Of course, there’s the matter of getting the case on and off, since you obviously won’t be doing any docking while it’s on. The two-piece system was easier to apply and remove here than it was with New Trent’s Triennium 6S.

iPhone 6 case New Trent Alixo 6S

No extra force or bending is needed, as the pliable bottom part wraps over the hard-plastic top part in which the phone sits, so your phone is pretty well protected against the application and removal process, and the whole system comes apart easily by simply bending back the corner edges.

The New Trent Alixo 6S case is a slim, low-cost option for protection against minor drops, scratches/scuffs, and dust/debris. That it’s water resistant doesn’t hurt, either. You can get cases that offer better protection in all areas (and with fancier designs), but likely at around $15 more, and up. At only $21.95, the Alixo 6S will do the job for those on a budget or who want a secondary case to provide this functionality only when it’s needed.

Apple Channel Rating C

Buy the New Trent Alixo 6S ultra-thin rugged case

Provides: Protection from scuffs/scratches and minor drops, dust/water resistant
Developer: New Trent
Minimum Requirements: iPhone 6 (also available for iPhone 6 Plus)
Price: $21.95
Availability: Now

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