iPhone 6 case review: Nodus Access leather folio

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Nodus bills their products as being “beautifully simple & genuinely useful.” It’s their slogan, after all, complete with the ampersand to make everything all fancy. The Access Case for iPhone 6 is the first of their products I’ve used, but if it’s indicative of their entire product line, then yes, the slogan is accurate.

iPhone 6 case Nodus Access

The Access Case is crafted (a more appropriate word here than “made” or “manufactured”) from full grain Italian leather on the exterior, with a microfiber lining to keep your iPhone 6 and its screen well protected. The leather is bendable, but sturdy, providing a strong shell against drops.

The slim profile of the Access Case is achieved through a microsuction pad that attaches the back of your iPhone to the back piece of the case.

Nodus Access iPhone 6 case

Nodus explains it thus: “The surface of these pads are covered in millions of microscopic suction cups. This material will grip to any clean, smooth, nonporous surface with incredible force and does not leave any residue when removed. It works perfectly with the aluminium, glass and plastic bodies of Apple and Samsung products.” They’re right; the grip is fantastic, but fairly easy to remove when you want/need to. And because the pad itself is very thin, Nodus doesn’t need to accommodate plastic frames in its design.

Along with a pocket to hold a couple credit/ID cards and cash, the cover interior features a smaller microsuction pad that attaches to your iPhone’s screen to hold it in place.

Nodus Access iPhone 6 case

It’s easy enough to pull back, but seems to stay in place when necessary. This past Sunday, for example, my daughter knocked my iPhone 6 off the arm of the church pew (yes, I go to church…don’t judge me) to the floor. The case held shut, and the sturdy leather kept the iPhone safe from impact. Can I get an “Amen?”

I did, however, find a couple issues with the Access Case. First, the smaller pad that attaches to the iPhone screen seemed to lose some of its grip throughout the review period. Whether that comes from general wear or the annoying need for people to touch it every time I show them the case, I don’t know. The pads can, thankfully, be cleaned with a damp cloth. Also, removing the iPhone from the large pad would cause the whole case to bend a bit. It would form itself again, but after a while you may lose that nice parallel alignment of the front and back.

Also (and this is an issue inherent with folio style cases), a lot of times that cover flap is going to get in your way. It’ll dangle when you’re taking pictures, and you’ll need to work that leather a while before it comfortably bends back when texting or speaking on the phone. The same goes for its ability to fold back into a stand; the leather has to soften before it’ll stay put.

Nodus Access iPhone 6 case

So, the Access Case is an extremely elegant, beautifully made case, and it’s not one you’ll want to use frivolously. I recommend the case more for the person who’ll put it on and leave it on. Although Nodus states the microsuction pads don’t lose their ability to grip your phone as they’re removed and reapplied, they do caution that you can’t let the two pads come into contact—and yet, they don’t provide anything to keep them separated. If you’ve got the backing for an old screen protector, that’ll do the trick.

The Nodus Access case will be available soon for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus in brown and black, and in portfolio (the model I’m reviewing) or flip style. If “beautifully simple & genuinely useful” are your thing, better get in the queue.

Apple Channel Rating B

Pre-order the Nodus Access iPhone 6 case

Provides: Protection from scuffs/scratches and minor drops, compartment for money, credit cards, ID, etc.
Developer: Nodus
Minimum Requirements: iPhone 6 (also available for iPhone 4/4s, 5/5s/5c, and coming soon for iPhone 6 Plus)
Price: £49.99
Availability: Coming soon

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