iPhone 6 Plus case review: Casetify custom case

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I finally upgraded my iPhone 5 to the brand new iPhone 6 Plus. It’s big, and it’s going to need some protection. While waiting for my new iPhone to arrive, I wanted to get a case ready. Sure, you can get just about any case out there hanging on the shelf, but why not get one that is customized to your own tastes? Casetify makes it easy to use your photos from social media sites to get a case customized for about the same price as any other regular case.

iphone 6 plus case chastity


Casetify offers you the ability to add photos and custom artwork onto case designs to turn them into a unique expression of the owner. For the iPhone 6 Plus (and iPhone 6), they offer a classic snap-on case in frosty white.

The process to customize the case prior to ordering is very simple; you can either build your own custom case on their website or by using their free app that is available in the iTunes App Store.

Once you select the case for your device, you then can choose the design pattern. You can choose an existing template to get you started, or you can choose a pattern to fill in with pictures found on your choice of social media websites. You can select pictures from Instagram and Facebook, or you can choose to have your pictures uploaded from your own device (or computer if using the web site). Once you’ve finished your layout and options, your new custom case will be made and delivered to your door in a few short weeks.


Casetify offers a simple, thin case that clips over your iPhone 6 Plus. The case is cut away around the control buttons on both sides as well as along the entire top and bottom of the iPhone. This thin profile makes it possible to keep your case on when placing it on many third party docking devices. The cutout around the rear camera and flash is wide enough not to block the functionality of either one. The thickness of the case also helps to protect the new camera lens on the iPhone 6 Plus that extends out beyond the iPhone cover.


The surface of the case has a fine grain texture to it that makes it easy to hold and cuts down on any glare and fingerprints when viewing the photos you have chosen. The reproduction of the photos came out clear with good color accuracy.

On the other hand, there is a lack of full protection around the top of the iPhone 6 Plus. I found this odd, consider there are no longer any buttons, earphone jacks, or anything else that would require the case to expose the top of the phone. My only guess at to why they left the top open was to make it easier to snap the case on and off the iPhone.


Casetify’s custom case for your iPhone 6 Plus is a niceway to provide good protection of your iPhone, and to make your phone stand out from everyone else’s without having to spend a lot of money doing so.


The custom case from Casetify can be yours today for only $39.95 with free shipping.  It’s worth a look to get the look you want!

Apple Channel Rating B

Buy the Casetify Custom Cases

Provides: Basic protection from scuffs, scratches and minor drops, and the ability to customize with personal photos
Developer: Casetify
Minimum Requirements: iPhone 6 Plus (available for other phones and tablets)
Price: $39.95
Availability: Now


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  • http://CasetifyvsCaseMate Dawn Luckey Davis


    Between the two cases overall…which do you suggest for giving the best protection as well as delivering the best product (resolution/color/protection)?

    Thank you for you opinion.

    Dawn Luckey Davis

  • Koffi Kouadio

    Junk cases LOUSYYYY customer service!!!!!!! DO NOT BUY!!!!!!!!!!!