Griffin iPhone 6 Plus case roundup review

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So you just got an iPhone 6 Plus. Congratulations. First order of business is getting a case to protect it, right? Whether you just want to protect your new phone from scratches or from repeated drops, Griffin has a case for your level of mayhem. I took a look at the following three cases from Griffin for iPhone 6 Plus: Survivor Core, Survivor Slim, and Reveal.

Survivor Core

Griffin’s Survivor Core case has a minimalistic design that’s tough in the corners and can take up to 2M drops (for people who live in the U.S., that’s about six and a half feet). The case is advertised as meeting Military Standard MIL-STD 810G.

The back of this case is clear, so you can see the beauty of the very expensive phone on the other side of the plastic; just be careful you don’t get any dust stuck in there.

Griffing Survivor Core iPHone 6 Plus case

It also has a very asymmetrical cutout for the camera. The sides are made of a different material that’s more flexible. This is good because they have to stretch to get the phone in since they cover all sides of the device and extend forward. The sides also have a nice geometric texture to them that makes it easy to grip. There are cutouts for every relevant spot on the phone other than the buttons. The volume buttons get their own raised sections, as does the power button. I’ve never been a fan of case designs that cover up the buttons because they always make them much harder to press. This case is no exception, but maybe you think changing volume is too easy to do, or maybe you turn your phone off by accident often, in which case this would be a feature for you.

Probably the main selling point of this case are the corners. As you likely know, dropping an expensive device like your brand new iPhone 6 Plus is bad. Often, the most damage is inflicted by dropping on a corner, which is why reinforced corners are nice to have if you’re clumsy. I’m not willing to test out this case’s ability to absorb shock from a fall, but it’s very likely going to fair better than a case without reinforced corners.

The Survivor Core is available now for $29.99

Survivor Slim

Like the Core, this case is designed to the Military Standard MIL-STD 810G, and it’s supposed to be able to survive a fall from 2M. The Slim itself is a layered case that is meant to put about as much stuff between the outside world and your iPhone 6 Plus as possible. You might expect a case with the name Slim to be thin, but it’s surprisingly much thicker than the Survivor Core. It’s also much more complicated.

Griffin Survivor Slim iPHone 6 case

The innermost layer is a plastic shell with extensions that protrude from ports on the iPhone 6 Plus. These extensions make this not usable without the second layer, which is a thick, rubbery material that’s quite squishy. There’s also a third layer of sorts include: a screen protector. It’s quite clear that this case is for someone who expects to drop the phone frequently. All layers combined significantly increase the size of the iPhone 6 Plus, which you may have heard is already quite large. The rubber outer layer has a nice geometric texture to it, similar to the sides of the Survivor Core. While this outer layer still covers the buttons on the iPhone 6 Plus, they are easier to press than other cases since the material covering these buttons is much less rigid.

Overall, this is a well made case that seems like it would protect your phone against just about everything other than water. My biggest issue with it is just how large it is, but again, this case is for people who drop expensive devices often. If you don’t trust yourself very much, this might be the answer for you, but you can pretty much forget about putting it in anything less than the largest pockets you have.

The Survivor Slim is available now for $44.99


In many ways, the Griffin Reveal case is very similar to the Survivor Core. It has a clear plastic back and rubbery edges with coverings for all buttons. The biggest difference is that it doesn’t have the reinforced corners of the Survivor Core. It also lacks the textured pattern on the edges to enhance grip, and has a less oddly shaped opening for the camera.

Griffin Reveal iPHone 6 Plus case

While it might seem the Reveal is less of a case than the Survivor Core, this is actually a feature for many people. The Survivor Core is a fairly bulky case designed to protect your phone from a decent amount of abuse. If you aren’t anticipating beating up your iPhone 6 Plus, you might be better served by a smaller case.

The Reveal is available now for $19.99

Our Recommendation

It all comes down to why you need an iPhone 6 Plus case. The Survivor Core will protect your phone from drops, including the type where your phone lands on a corner. The Survivor Slim is an extreme case that will protect your iPhone 6 Plus from just about anything short of swim in the ocean. The Reveal is not exactly a minimalist case, but it’s the smallest case in this roundup, and the least expensive. This case is best suited to protect your phone from scratches and minor falls. It would seem that Griffin has a case right for every situation, but the one we feel offers the best value is the Reveal.

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