iPhone 6 case review: Inner Exile Hydra self-healing case

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This is the first time I’ve reviewed an Inner Exile product in all my years of covering iPhone cases, and I have to admit they’ve made quite a strong impression. This, despite the fact that I originally thought this case looked a bit boring.

iPhone 6 Case - Inner Exile Hydra

The Inner Exile Hydra self-healing case is, after all, simply a clear plastic case that comes in your choice of transparent (our review model pictured above), black and pink. All let your iPhone clearly show through, just slightly tinted on the black and pink models.

iPhone 6 Case - Inner Exile Hydra

Beyond that, the case is only 8.2mm thick and is very smooth. Gripping may be a problem, but this is offset somewhat by the harder edges on the screen side. They’re not uncomfortable at all, they just don’t fully follow the rounded edges of Apple’s iPhone 6. They also don’t rise up all the way beyond the screen, so you’ll definitely want additional screen protection for your iPhone if you use this case.

I love that the volume and sleep/wake button areas fully open, allowing you to easily put the case on without hitting them.

iPhone 6 Case - Inner Exile Hydra

The Hydra is very easy to get off; just turn your iPhone over and pull up from the bottom. However, you won’t need to take it off much because the open bottom will allow for docking with most third-party accessories. It worked quite easily with my iHome alarm clock speaker dock.

iPhone 6 Case - Inner Exile Hydra

I tend to have two additional problem with clear plastic cases, and Inner Exile effectively addresses one of them. The Hydra has a patented coating that helps it “heal” itself when scratched. This won’t work with deep scratches of course, but basic scuffs from being placed in a purse or bookbag do disappear. I took some keys to it to scratch it up, and I could see the scratches fade away almost instantly. Check out the top photo above…see any key scratches?

The remaining issue, then, is that dust particles and debris can (and do) get between the case and your phone. This isn’t a serious problem, however, because the case is so easy to remove and wipe off.

As such, I’m quite impressed with the Inner Exile Hydra self-healing case. It’s as basic as a case can be, but it effectively addresses almost all issues that come with thin, plastic cases. It doesn’t offer a lot of drop protection, and I would like to see it available in more colors, but those currently listed do work quite well with Apple’s trio of iPhone color options. And at only $26.00, you should also be able to afford the screen protector you’ll need to go along with it.

Apple Channel Rating B

Buy the Inner Exile Hydra self-healing case for iPhone 6

Provides: Protection from scuffs/scratches and minor drops
Developer: Inner Exile
Minimum Requirements: iPhone 6
Price: $26.00
Availability: Now

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