Review: mPact Glass screen protection for iPhone 6

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Apple has made it hard on case manufacturers with the rounded edges and the button placement of the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, and it looks to be the same for those developing screen protection. Whereas the iPhone 4 and 5 had flat screens that ran right up to the edge of the device, the iPhone 6 screen curves into the edges. This means glass screen protectors can’t extend to the edge, so clean fits just aren’t going to happen.

mPact Glass for iPhone 6

Designed by m has made due with the mPact Glass for iPhone 6. It features everything we loved about previous mPact glass models: it’s heat and pressure resistant, it’s anti-bacterial, it repels oil so it’s easier to wipe clean (and you won’t have to clean it as often), and despite its thinness, it’s shatterproof. This means that if it does crack there will be no sharp edges or corners to hamper use of your iPhone.

And remember, the mPact Glass—like all glass screen protectors—is designed to crack that you’re screen doesn’t. It’s tough and it won’t do so easily, but it’s designed to absorb the abuse so your screen doesn’t have to.

Designed by m gives you everything you need for a simple application. There’s an alcohol wipe to thoroughly clean your iPhone screen, a hard “squeegee” and soft cloth to smooth out any bubbles during and after installation, and two strips of tape to remove any dust particles that may land on the glass after you remove its backing and before you place it on the screen.

mPact Glass iPhone 6

The fit is also quite precise, although harder to line up since you’re not using edges. Designed by m suggests using the home button to guide you, which I did. And although this helps getting it placed properly from top to bottom, I still had some issues with getting it straight from left to right. As a result, I had to lift the glass a couple times and start again. Not a huge problem, except that I apparently touched an adhesive corner of the glass in the process. And although I’d washed my hands thoroughly before starting the application…well, you can see what happened.

mPact Glass for iPhone 6

That discoloration isn’t going away. Perhaps I should’ve used the alcohol wipe on my fingers, too?

Once the glass is down, Designed by m says any bubbles will disappear within 24 to 48 hours. I can’t attest to this, because I had no bubbles to start with. None. Air pockets were easily removed with the included cloth.

So, the mPact Glass goes on quite easily and offers thin, but strong protection once in place. A hidden benefit is that the glass creates less friction than your iPhone screen, so swiping is smoother and easier. Swipe-based games, especially, are more accurate with the the mPact Glass, and I imagine those swipe-based keyboards will be easier to use, too.

Still, the fit around the edges and the home button make the mPact glass appear tacked on, not like it’s a piece of the phone itself as in the past. It’s noticeable. This is not Designed by m’s fault, but it’s something to consider when seeking protection. And a hidden benefit to this is that it shouldn’t interfere with iPhone cases that lip over the screen a bit, as they won’t come into contact with the mPact Glass.

Still, with this particular iPhone model, perhaps it’ll be better to go with less rigid screen protection than you can get with glass. Either way, mPact glass remains a solid option for protection and ease of use once it’s on.

Apple Channel Rating B
Buy the mPact Glass Screen Protection for iPhone 6

Provides: Impact and scratch protection for touchscreens
Developer: Designed by M
Minimum Requirements: iPhone 6 (also available for other iPhone and iPad models)
Price: $29.99
Availability: Now

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  • Husne Fikri

    Does the glass covers the whole LCD screen diplay ? And does the glass have rounded edges ?

    • Kirk Hiner

      No, to both questions. The glass stops right before the curved edges begin, which you can see in the photos.