iPhone 6 case review: Logitech Protection [+]

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Logitech Protection [+] iPhone 6 case

Each time I upgrade my iPhone, I start scouting sites of cases I liked in the past to see if there’ll be an update. With the iPhone 6, the Logitech Protection [+] was on that list. The iPhone 5/5s version caught me off guard with its slick styling and functionality, and I was curious to see how it would hold up with the iPhone 6 form factor.

The good news is that most everything I loved about the earlier version remains, beginning with the magnets. The iPhone 6 Protection [+] has a hidden metal plate in the back that makes it compatible not only with Logitech’s magnetic mounts, but with other magnetic mounts, as well. Currently, Logitech has only the [+] drive and [+] trip mounts available, so I certainly hope we see more.

The metal plate is housed in the midsection of the back of the case, distinguished with a subtle brushed aluminum appearance that makes for a nice duotone effect.

Logitech Protection [+] iPhone 6 case

Although more colors are shown on Logitech’s site, the only options available for order right now are gunmetal black and pacific blue (our review unit, pictured above). The other portions of the case made from a soft-touch polycarbonate that is smooth and easy to grip, especially with the rounded edges of the iPhone 6.

This, however, leads to my standard complaint with iPhone 6 cases, in that it’s harder to get on and off than its predecessor. However, the easily bendable area around the covered volume buttons and mute switch do make it easier than most of its competition, since the case can be pried away from that section when removing it.

This and the fact that you’ll have to remove the case in order to dock it are the price you pay for the military drop standard protection. The corners are shock absorbent, and the inner TPR layer and impact channels help absorb concussive energy, keeping it away from the phone itself.

Logitech Protection [+] iPhone 6 case

It’s good to know your phone will be safe if it slips away from the magnet, provided it doesn’t land on the screen, of course. But even then, it would have to be a direct blow as the edges of the edges of the Protection [+] rise above the screen to keep it away from surfaces (see top photo).

And let me be clear that during my review period, the Logitech [+] never once slipped from its magnetic holding, even when testing it with mounts that weren’t part of Logitech’s [+] system (specifically, the iOauto Pro and iOmini). As long as your magnet is powerful enough, you’ll be fine.

I would like to see the Logitech Protection [+] grow soon, both in color options and in compatible accessories. A desktop mount like the iOmini would be great, along with wall mounts like the Magbak for iPad. Until then, you’ve just got whatever magnetic sources you already have. Even if you don’t take full advantage of that functionality, the Protection [+] is still a sturdy, attractive case for normal use, and one that I’m happy to recommend.

Apple Channel Rating A

Buy the Logitech Protection [+] iPhone 6 case

Provides: Scratch/scuff and drop protection, magnetic mounting capabilities
Developer: Logitech
Minimum Requirements: iPhone 6 (also available for iPhone 5/5s)
Price: $34.99
Availability: Now

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  • dranon

    minimum requirements ipad Air or Air 2????? This is an iphone 6 case. Anyway have this case after a couple of months there is wear/discoloration around the edges of the case. Completely unable to clean off even when I tried clorox!! VERY nice case EXCEPT for this! Bought snother case cause I don’t like the “dirty” look. Works great with Mountek magnet mounts BTW!!!

    • Kirk Hiner

      Yikes! I can’t believe this review sat so long without us (or anyone else) catching that requirement gaffe! Thanks for the correction.

      Unfortunately, Logitech has cancelled their [+] line, so this case is no longer available, anyway. I still find it useful with my iOmount, however.