Review: BodyGuardz ScreenGuardz HD Impact iPhone 6 Plus screen protector

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As with any new iPhone, it’s important to protect your investment. Look for a good case, and look for a good screen protector to complete the package. I had a case lined up prior to getting the iPhone 6 Plus—the Casetify custom case—now I needed protection for the screen. BodyGuardz has been making excellent screen protectors for a while now, but how will they handle the new curved glass of the iPhone 6 Plus? Let’s find out.


BodyGuardz has made available the HD Impact, part of the ScreenGuardz product line. It offers rugged protection for the screen while providing high optical clarity that doesn’t distort the HD Retina display on the iPhone 6 Plus. The challenge I foresaw is that o longer is there a completely flat screen surface that runs into the side frame. The iPhone 6 Plus has curved edges that slope down to the aluminum shell, and I was curious to see how this screen protector would address that issue. As it turns out, the ScreenGuardz HD Impact from BodyGuardz will only cover the flat surface of the front screen, but does so very well.

With the package, you get the screen protector, a microfiber cloth for cleaning the screen, a thick card used for smoothing out the screen protector, a sticker, and instructions.


The process to put on the protector is very easy to follow. Use the cloth to clean and prepare your screen to make it free from all dust and fingerprints. Next, use the tab on the screen protector to pull away the backing to expose the adhesive. Line up the screen protector against the screen by starting to fit around the home button. From there, slowly move towards the top while applying pressure on the screen protector to stick to the screen. Use the card to smooth out any air bubbles.


The ScreenGuardz HD Impact screen protector from BodyGuardz is wide enough to cover the visible HD Retina display. It has a cutout around the home button as well as the ear speaker and front camera. As expected, not having the screen protector cover the curved edges of the front screen of the iPhone 6 Plus does leave an edge you can feel, but it’s not a harsh edge.


I can say that this protector is very easy to install. The feeling of the protector is very smooth and doesn’t interfere with use of my iPhone 6 Plus. The surface allows easy sliding of my finger/fingers. The crystal clear optical coating results in perfect clarity of the HD Retina display. As far as a flat surface screen protector goes, this is as good as it gets.

If I had any complaints about the ScreenGuardz HD Image screen protector from BodyGuardz, it would be the lack of protection around the curved edges of the front screen.  Given the complexity of the curves in the screen, I can understand why only the flat surface was protected.  If a full screen protector is offered that includes the curved edges, expect the price to be much higher than the affordable $29.95 offered for this one.


Protect your iPhone. For screen protection with no compromises to optical clarity, grab yourself the ScreenGuards HD Impact screen protector from BodyGuardz.
Apple Channel Rating A

Buy the BodyGuardz ScreenGuardz HD IMPACT Screen Protector for iPhone 6 Plus

Provides: Impact and scratch protection for touchscreens
Developer: BodyGuardz
Minimum Requirements: iPhone 6 Plus (available for other phones and tablets)
Price: $29.95
Availability: Now

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