Review: 1 Voice Ear Warmers with Bluetooth headphones

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Products like these are perhaps the best example of the usefulness of Bluetooth. I recall a few years ago reviewing a knit cap that ran audio from your iPod to your ears via speakers in the hat. It did the job, but you had the wires to contend with, which could be very troublesome under layers of clothing.

Now, we’ve got the 1 Voice Ear Warmer with built-in Bluetooth headphones. This device offers a wireless connection from your iPhone, iPad  or other Bluetooth capable device, and even offers on-ear buttons so you don’t have to take your device out to control music. Even better, it’ll keep your wears warm…provided you’re only as cold as this fellow.

1 Voice Ear Warmers

Pairing the 1 Voice Ear Warmer is a simple matter of hitting/holding the Bluetooth button on the ear cup with the controls, then selecting “1 Voice” on your Bluetooth device. After that, you’re all set. Charging the headphones is a simple matter of sliding back the soft cover over one of the speakers and plugging in the included mini-USB to USB charging cable.

As I mentioned, there are audio controls on one of the cups, but little tactile feedback to let you know you’ve found them, especially if you’re also wearing gloves. As such, you’ll either have to remove the ear warmers to hit the right button, or just do what I did and constantly annoy your wife by asking her to do it. And actually, with time, I was able to memorize the placement and generally hit the button I wanted without looking.

1 Voice Ear Warmers

The fit of the 1 Voice Ear Warmers is fine, despite the inability to adjust it much. It seems like it would feel tighter than it does, but they were generally comfortable. Note that these aren’t for exercise, however; with the need to wear them behind your head, not on top, they will slide off with activity.

The soft padding will help to keep your ears warm on a chilly day, but not on a cold day. The material is too thin, and it’s not applying layers of insulation to your hears, but plastic, which you can feel. If you’ve got a good fit, that’s not a problem. If they’re angling into your ears, the hard plastic can get uncomfortable after a while.

Ultimately, then, the problem with trying to be ear warmers and headphones is that the 1 Voice doesn’t excel at either. The audio quality is nothing more than okay, and the ear warmers won’t do much to help when the temperature really drops outside.

But I can’t deny the convenience of the setup and the combination, and can still recommend the 1 Voice to those who seek a little more ear warmth and are okay sacrificing some audio quality to get it.

Apple Channel Rating C

Buy the 1 Voice Ear Warmers with Bluetooth headphones

Provides: In-ear audio reproduction with inline mic and remote control
Developer: 1 Voice NYC
Minimum Requirements: Bluetooth audio source
Price: $59.00
Availability: Now

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