Review: Tigris Shell Stand iPhone 6 case

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Last month we took a look at a couple of iPhone 6 aluminum bumpers cases from Draco Design. Both offered stunning designs and excellent craftsmanship, but brought with them a couple of recurring issues with aluminum bumpers; namely price and the need for tiny screwdrivers to get them on an off.

The Tigris Shell Stand Case for iPhone 6 from Draco Design is much more practical. It won’t turn heads like the Draco 6 or the Tigris Aluminum, but for functionality and overall design, it has become my favorite iPhone 6 case yet.

Tigris Shell Stand iPhone 6 case

Why? Because it effectively addresses every issue I’ve had with iPhone 6 cases, as well as one I didn’t have.

First, the fit of the matte finish polycarbonate shell snaps on and off of your iPhone 6 with ease. The edges are open around the mute switch /  volume buttons as well as around the sleep/wake button, so you don’t have to pry it apart in order to avoid damaging the buttons. Lifting and pulling the bottom corners away from the phone is all you need to do to remove it, and yet it holds firmly when the case is on.

The bottom is completely open as well, meaning you’ll be able to dock it with most third-party docks without having to remove the case.

Tigris Shell Stand iPhone 6 case

The Shell Stand’s most distinctive feature, however, is right there in the name: the stand, as pictured above. A rigid, origami style flap unfolds from the back of the case, allowing you to set it at three different viewing angles. The Shell Stand uses magnets to snap the flaps together while set for display and to keep it locked against the phone when not in use (top photo). After a month of use, the flaps are as sturdy as when I first received my review unit, and they show no signs of curling up.

Tigris Shell Stand iPhone 6 case

A couple small issues remain, however, that you may want to address. First, the edges of the Tigris Shell Stand don’t rise above the iPhone screen, so you’ll want to get some form of screen protection. The interior of the case tends to leave a powdery residue on the back of the iPhone, and it’s oddly difficult to get off. As such, a thin back skin is also a good idea. And finally, as a matter of personal preference, I’d like to see more color options; the Tigris Shell Stand is available only in black and white (oddly, the iPhone 6 Plus gets a gold version).

Those complaints aside, the Tigris Shell Stand is an expertly constructed case that offers tremendous functionality at the crazy low price of $19.99. If you’re spending $20 on any case other than this one, you and I need to have a talk.

Apple Channel Rating A

Buy the Tigris Shell Stand Case

Provides: Scratch/scuff and drop protection, fold out display capabilities
Developer: Draco Design
Minimum Requirements: iPhone 6 (also available for iPhone 6 Plus)
Price: $19.99
Availability: Now

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