TextBlade is something completely different in keyboard input

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More and more people are using smartphones—especially larger “phablet”-type models like the iPhone 6 Plus—for workhorse duties, tasking for which a physical keyboard is often a better input medium than the device’s on-screen keyboard. However, a full-sized computer keyboard dwarfs the device, and is cumbersome to pack around, obviating the reason for using a smartphone as a productivity platform in the first place.

Many users also prefer using an external keyboard with tablet computers, the advantages of which include tactile feedback for touch typing and use of the full display area for work rather than a mail-slot above a virtual on-screen keyboard.

Enter WayTools’ new TextBlade patented MultiTouch Key—something genuinely different and innovative in portable keyboard technology that brings full travel touch-typing to the iPhone 6 without the bulk of a conventional keyboard.


Weighing-in at just 1.5 ounces and with a form factor 1/3 the size of the iPhone, TextBlade is amazingly light, small, and easily pocketable. Incorporating patented, next-gen keyswitch technology, TextBlade provides desktop finger-spacing and full 2mm travel (that’s more than a MacBook Pro) in what WayTools claims is the slimmest full QWERTY device ever made.

“TextBlade is an entirely new class of device that delivers professional-grade, familiar touch typing to any platform—from iPhones to iPads to Android, without compromising the size or feel of the tablet,” said WayTools CEO Mark Knighton.

TextBlade adheres to the same character map that’s been used in QWERTY keyboards for 141 years. You get full 19mm finger spacing the same as a desktop, and the same fingers select the same letters, so typing on TextBlade is instantly familiar.

TextBladeHowever, TextBlade builds MultiTouch technology into every physical key. Rows of 70+ plastic legacy keys have been simplified and replaced by 8 ultra smart keys, powered by software intelligence. TextBlade thus blends the best of mechanical key feel with the magic of touchscreens to create an experience unlike anything before it. WayTools aso engineered a patented new key technology called MagLever, manufactured in WayTools’ own factories. MagLever produces a carefully sculpted force curve, claimed to be superior to any rubber spring keyboard. Four networked microchips are claimed to have 100X the processing power of legacy devices drive TextBlade’s advanced software intelligence.

Free of any attachments to the phone or tablet, TextBlade is ready in seconds whenever needed for serious typing, yet out of the way and invisible when consuming content. It enables full-screen content production anywhere while preserving all of the intrinsic advantages of tablets and phablets.

TextBlade’s advanced technology also includes what they claim is the world’s first physical MultiTouch Keys, as well as ultra low energy Bluetooth Smart wireless connectivity, all engineered into the most compact touch-type machine ever produced.

TextBlade is also smart enough to magnetically set itself up, connect, and turn itself on. When it’s time to go, the blades magnetically compact themselves in a slender stack that slips easily into any pocket. No hinges to break, or connectors to mess with.

Textblade folded

In this efficient design, even the spacebar is structurally formed from an ultra-slim, specially engineered lithium polymer battery.

TextBlade runs up to a month on a single charge, and fast-charges on any USB port in just minutes without cords of any kind. A network of four computers with 100X the processing power of legacy devices drives advanced software intelligence, and precision MagLever mechanisms deliver high-quality, desktop-style key-feel.


TextBlade has spawned an armada of intellectual property, with six US and foreign patents already issued, and more than a dozen additional patents pending.

WayTools, headquartered in Santa Monica, California, says its simple, but radical objective was to make great touch-typing as easy to carry as a pen.

Included with every TextBlade is a NanoStand that supports your tablet or phone at a comfortable viewing angle, with no added baggage. NanoStand is ultra-light and takes almost no space.It fits like a sleeve around your TextBlade, so there’s no extra stuff to carry. Got an iPad Air, and an iPhone? NanoStand works with both, so you don’t need multiple stands. NanoStand has a high-grade, satin silicone elastomer base engineered to shed dust and provide tenacious grip so your phone or tablet won’t skate on a table-top. Made of Ultra-Strong Steel Composite, NanoStand can hold tablets 10X its size, and its steel armor protects TextBlade in a single “pen & cap” bundle. TextBlade can carry 2 NanoStands without extra bulk (one slips over each end).

WayTools protects your TextBlade purchase with a full one-year warranty. If there’s any defect, they pledge to fix it for you, free of charge: parts, labor, everything including shipping both ways. You can request service 24 x 7 online, with no calls and no waiting. And even if you have a mishap, WayTools will swap it for a shiny new one for “a really low price.” You can also return an item any time within 30 days of delivery, and get a full refund without hassle.

TextBlade has now entered mass production and is available for pre-order for $99, with the first deliveries to begin in February.

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