Review: Ballistic Tempered Glass Screen Protector for iPhone 6 Plus

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It didn’t take too long after getting my iPhone 6 Plus. While at a rock concert, my phone slipped from my hands and fell four feet to the hard cement floor, screen down. Fortunately I had the Tempered Glass Screen Protector from Ballistic on my iPhone, which took the full brunt of the impact and kept it from harm.

I’ve had the protector on my phone for a few weeks, so let’s see how it holds up.


The Ballistic Tempered Glass Screen Protector is a precision piece of cut tempered glass that offers superior scratch resistance and is designed to work with most of the protective cases out on the market. The glass is as thin (if not slightly thinner) than the film screen protectors out on the market. It is the width of the visible screen on the iPhone 6 Plus, and it extends to provide coverage around the earpiece, over the front camera, and down to the home button.

The packaging of the Tempered Glass Screen Protector from Ballistic comes with the protector screen, microfiber cloth, and an alcohol prep pad to use in cleaning the screen of your iPhone prior to installing the protector.  They also threw in some stickers that can be helpful in trying to remove pesky dust particles that get in the way.

Ballistic Tempered Glass Screen Protector for iPhone 6 Plus

Installation is easy. Use the alcohol prep pad and microfiber cloth to clean the screen of the iPhone. You then peel back the backing of the protector and apply directly onto the screen of your iPhone. Then you press from the center out to the edges to ensure complete contact and work out any air bubbles.

At least that was the plan for installation. The key to keeping it simple is to make sure you’re in an area where there’s no dust that can get onto the screen before installing the protector.  I thought I was doing well, but had a pesky dust particle get under the screen that I couldn’t remove. Even lifting the protector back up and using the stickers to try and remove it, the one dust particle was refusing to leave the back of the protector.

The end result is a small bubble area near one side that is visible when the iPhone is off, but not visible when the iPhone is turned on. Also, the bottom right corner of the protector isn’t staying stuck down to the screen because I was lifting the protector back off the iPhone from that corner a few times.


Overall, it’s still a decent installation with very good coverage of the front surface of my iPhone.


The Tempered Glass Screen Protector from Ballistic is really nice to use. The edges of the protector are tapered to give your finger an easy transition from the edges of the iPhone curved glass onto the screen protector; there’s no feeling of any rough edges. The protector is crystal clear, allowing the full HD Retina display shine through. The surface is very smooth, making gliding across easy.


As mentioned before, not only will this screen protector offer great scratch resistance, but it’s also able to absorb the shock of impact. While I was not intending to put that to the test, it still happened at the aforementioned rock concert. After the drop, however, I picked up the phone to find no cracked screen protector or screen. The iPhone continued to function perfectly. Upon closer inspection, I noticed some very minor scuffing to the corner edges of the screen protector at the bottom of my iPhone. I would say that the protection capability of this product is excellent.


The Tempered Glass Screen Protector from Ballistic offers the iPhone 6 Plus owner maximum screen protection. It provides full clarity of the display, and the smooth nature of the tempered glass makes it easy to slide your fingers around when using your favorite apps. Being the same price as a film screen protector makes this an easy choice to grab for your own iPhone 6 Plus.
Apple Channel Rating A

Buy the Ballistic Tempered Glass Screen Protector for iPhone 6 Plus

Provides: Impact and scratch protection for touchscreens
Developer: Ballistic
Minimum Requirements: iPhone 6 Plus (available for other phones and tablets)
Price: $29.99
Availability: Now

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