CES Bytes: Libratone showed off wireless speakers, sound bar

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Speaker company Libratone was showing off their lineup at the recent CES in Las Vegas, and the speakers had to be both seen and heard to be believed. A display of the company’s Loop speakers was pumping out more sound than seemed possible from speakers small enough to mount up on a wall, while the recently-introduced Diva sound bar was kicking out nearly theater sized sound from a deceptively small enclosure. Here’s what was on display.


Less Wires, More Options

The big news across the entire Libratone lineup was the recent introduction of Bluetooth 4.0 to several models  as a streaming option, meaning you can connect virtually any device without wires. The entire Libratone lineup incorporates WiFi for wireless use via either AirPlay or DLNA, and select models offer Bluetooth connectivity as well so you can get CD-quality streaming sound regardless of device.


The new Bluetooth option includes aptX encoding for the highest quality sound possible, as well as NFC which removes the tedium from the pairing process. The Bluetooth connectivity is especially useful for the company’s Zipp portable speaker ($299.95), as you’re not always going to be in range of a WiFi network, but it’s a great addition to the Loop table/wall speaker ($499.95) and Diva sound bar, since more devices can stream via Bluetooth and take advantage of Libratone’s awesome sound.

Quite the Diva

New to the Libratone family is the Diva, designed to bring sexy back to sound. Packed inside its curvaceous case is 225W of power driving a seriously good 2.1 channel sound system. Unlike boxy alternatives, the Diva’s sleek lines add style under your TV, while the company’s organic inspiration looks to nature to deliver better sound. The Diva features Libratone’s standard wool covers (which look great in person), but it also features sound reflectors inspired by clamshells. These help boost the sound upwards so it appears to be coming from the TV above your soundbar, which helps enhance movie dialog and sound effect realism.


Check out Libratone’s full lineup of portable, bookshelf, and TV speakers at their website.

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