Review: Moshi iGlaze Armour for iPhone 6

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I’m going to put my only complaint about iGlaze Armour for iPhone 6 right out front—I want more exciting colors. Previous iGlaze cases from Moshi came in deep reds, purples and such, but now Moshi is content to stick with Apple’s silver, gold, and space gray color schemes. The colors all match the iPhone 6 well, but where’s the sense of fun and adventure?

No matter, because the iGlaze Armour is a very attractive case that effectively deals with the design issues Apple created with the curved edges and button placement.

The iGlaze Armour marries a diamond cut aluminum backplate with a shock-absorbing inner shell, taking its design cues from the iPhone 6 in the process.

Moshi iGlaze Armour for iPhone 6

Normally, I don’t like the circular cutout on the back of the iGlaze because it allows dust to get through to the phone, but from a design standpoint, it makes sense to be able to see the Apple logo since the match between case and phone is so natural.

The inner shell not only does a better job of protecting your phone from drops than previous iGlaze models have done, it allows you to easily get the case on and off. The soft lining can be pulled away from the volume and sleep/wake buttons so you’re not scraping up against the, while the aluminum frame keeps the edges rigid enough for secure placement.

Moshi iGlaze Armour for iPhone 6

The ability to get the iGlaze Armour on and off is important, because the bottom protection means you won’t be able to dock it with third-party hardware such as alarm clocks and speakers (although headphones and Lightning cables are no problem).

Moshi iGlaze Armour for iPhone 6

One other things I should mention is that the iGlaze Armour retains the comfortable hold of a naked iPhone. Although the aluminum backplate and interior lining come together right along the edges, you can’t feel the connection point at all. The iGlaze Armour is perfectly crafted, but what else would expect from Moshi?

At $40.00, the iGlaze Armour is at the upper price range of medium-protection cases, but it’s well worth it. Those seeking decent protection while retaining the look and feel of the iPhone 6 aren’t going to find much better, they’re just going to find more colors.

Apple Channel Rating A

Buy the iGlaze Armour for iPhone 6

Provides: Scratch/scuff and minor drop protection for iPhone
Developer: Moshi
Minimum Requirements: iPhone 6 (also available for iPhone 6 Plus)
Price: $39.95
Availability: Now

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  • orthorim

    Your iPhone, except bigger. I don’t know to me, cases that have their own design language just make a lot more sense. Any case with an apple-logo cutout is just tacky.