Review: AndMesh Mesh Case for iPhone 6, 6 Plus

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The Mesh Case for iPhone 6 isn’t typically the type of case I prefer for my mobile devices, but I really like this one. Its design caught my eye back at CES 2015, and I was pleased to get my hands on a review unit because it proved Mesh Case use is as fun as its design.

Two things will immediately strike you about this case: the texture and the color. The texture, as you’ve likely discerned from the name, is a mesh pattern that widens a bit around the Apple logo to kind of allow it to show through.

AndMesh Mesh Case for iPhone 6

The elastomer material is strong, but flexible, and is smooth to grip despite the texture. The screen side edges are rounded for a comfortable hold, but because they don’t rise above the screen itself, you’ll want to consider adding some form of screen protection.

The color choices for the Mesh Case are about as bold as you can get. The red, blue and yellow options may as well have been pulled right from the primary color wheel, flanked by pink, turquoise, orange, white, clear and black. However, because of the matte finish of the elastomer, the colors don’t come across as garish, just fun.

CES 2015 AndMesh Mesh Case

The Elastomer provides decent protection from drops, aside from my previous point about there being no screen protection. The back and most of the sides are covered, including the volume and sleep/wake buttons.

AndMesh Mesh Case for iPhone 6

Because of the elastomer’s flexibility, however, getting the case on and off your iPhone without scraping against the buttons is no problem. And this is good, because you’ll need to remove the case in order to work with third-party docks. Even the hole for the Lightning port is a bit tighter than it needs to be, and the alignment was off when I first put the Mesh Case on. After a bit of time, though, this seemed to correct itself. I guess I just didn’t fit it correctly.

AndMesh Mesh Case for iPhone 6

And so, the combination of the bold colors and texture with the decent protection and ease of application make the Mesh Case an excellent option for those who want a little more zest from their iPhone than what Apple and most case manufacturers provide with their silver, space gray and gold colors. $28.00 may seem a bit much ($33.00 for iPhone 6 Plus), but can you really put a price on fun?

Apple Channel Rating B

Buy the AndMesh Mesh Case for iPhone 6

Provides: Scratch/scuff and minor drop protection for iPhone
Developer: AndMesh
Compatibility: iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus
Price: iPhone 6 – $28.00; iPhone 6 Plus – $33.00
Availability: Now

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