Review: Seidio Tetra metal bumper iPhone 6 case

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We’ve taken a look at a few Seidio iPhone 6 cases now. The Surface with Metal Kickstand is one of our favorites, while the CAPSA TouchView case was only slight less well received. Sadly, the Seidio Tetra metal bumper case doesn’t fare as well. Let’s hope it’s just a bump in the road for this otherwise consistent company.

Seidio Tetra metal bumper case

Two parts comprise the Tetra: a CNC-machined aluminum frame and a TPU interior bumper. The two combine for better shock absorption than you’re going to get from most aluminum bumpers, but they don’t play to together as well as they should.

The interior bumper fits loosely around your iPhone 6, and you have to kind of snap the the aluminum frame around it. Because the frame doesn’t open up very far, though, this is not easy to do as it keeps pushing the bumper out of the way. It doesn’t help that the TPU volume and sleep/wake buttons that are supposed to pop through the aluminum frame usually aren’t willing to do so, and instead get crunched underneath. I had to pry them through after application with one of my pocketknife tools.

Seidio Tetra metal bumper case

In addition, button response is hyper-sensitive under the frame, which is definitely a first. Usually buttons are harder to press if hidden under a case. With the Seidio Tetra, they were too easy. I found I was frequently shutting off my phone just by accidentally touching the sleep/wake button.

The openings at the bottom of the frame are tight, so I couldn’t fit all of my Lightning cables and headphone jacks in them. This is where the ability to remove the frame without additional tools would be handy…if the mechanism weren’t so clumsy. A clasp on the bottom right is meant to just pop on and off, but it doesn’t always work as it should, especially when trying to latch it back into place after applying to your phone. Once it’s on, though, it’s solid.

Seidio Tetra metal bumper case

The Seidio Tetra does look nice, though, especially on the color options that provide a nice contrast with the black TPU. My review unit is black, obviously, but you can also get it in red, gold, silver, blue and space gray. However, I suggest you don’t. It’s fairly priced at $29.95, but you’ll be happier if you spend a bit more and get an aluminum bumper that won’t be so annoying to work with.

Apple Channel Rating D

Buy the Seidio Tetra metal bumper case for iPhone 6

Provides: Edge/corner drop protection
Developer: Seidio
Minimum Requirements: iPhone 6 (also available for iPhone 6 Plus)
Price: $29.95
Availability: Now

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