Visiting the House of Marley

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Reggae music isn’t my thing. I appreciate it mainly for the influence it had on Madness, and even there I greatly prefer their ’80s Brit-pop stuff over the reggae-influenced ska. Embarrassingly, this partly explains why I almost didn’t stop by to visit with House of Marley at CES 2015; I’m more apt to accept an invitation to House of Mercury, House of Yamano, or House of Flansburgh and Linnell.

But those those houses weren’t there. House of Marley was, and it was perhaps the most wonderful half hour I spent at the show.

House of Marley

The House of Marley is “Deeply rooted in Bob Marley’s vision of consciousness, upliftment and change…” As such the “lifestyle brand” adheres to these principals when crafting sustainable and sonically superior products, and that kind of is my thing.

Engineered above all for good living and shared experiences, House of Marley headphones, sound systems, military-inspired bags and watches are premium, one-of-a-kind pieces that engage with and celebrate consumers in an intimate, meaningful and authentic light. Philanthropically committed, the line donates proceeds of its annual profits to 1Love (, a global movement dedicated to advancing Bob Marley’s message to a new generation of cause-minded agents for growth and transformation.

The influence of Bob Marley’s vision is obvious, as you can see from their display at CES 2015.

House of Marley

There was certainly no shortage of incredible sounding audio equipment in Vegas, but the House of Marley stood out for other reasons. Consider the speakers pictured above, for example: the Get Together Bluetooth Portable Audio System. The natural bamboo wood and REWIND™ fabric cover are both sustainable, and the system has a gorgeous, natural design to it. The same can be said of the even more portable and newly announced Chant Mini:

House of Marley

Due in March of this year for $49.99, the Chant Mini Bluetooth speakers will feature, “Quick pairing capability with any device, auto reconnect and exclusive REWIND™ fabric covering balance style and substance equally. Add to that bamboo detailing, a rechargeable lithium-ion battery and aluminum housings, and you’ve got a wunderkind of sound, a world of sonic boom.”

If you prefer your audio to be a more private experience, House of Marley has a full lineup of headphones coming in on-ear, over-ear and in-ear models.

House of Marley

Again, whether you’re considering $15 in-ear headphones or $250 over-ear cans, the headphones are designed to be comfortable, solid and socially responsible. I’ll let House of Marley provide the details on their upcoming lineup:

  • JOURNEY BT In-Ear Headphones – (MSRP $129, June 2015) Activate your sound with these amazingly versatile Bluetooth® ready headphones. Perfect for working out or bruking out, the JOURNEY features a flexible loop for a comfortable and secure fit, cord length adjustment and a microphone with a 3-button controller. Crafted with wearability, sustainability and superior design in mind, your sound can keep stride with your lifestyle, and then some.
  • MYSTIC In-Ear Headphones – (MSRP $14.99, March 2015) Priced to please, these headphones are the perfect balance of sound, style and craftsmanship. Designed from ethically minded materials and featuring a 9mm driver, the MYSTIC headphones are compact, flexible and pack a powerful listening experience.
  • LITTLE BIRD In-Ear Headphones – (MSRP $14.99, March 2015) These very affordable, sustainably crafted in-ear headphones offer just the right alchemy of comfort, quality and performance. Mindfully manufactured plastic housing, a powerful 9.2mm driver and noise-isolation design deliver a sophisticated, multi-textured sonic experience.
  • ROAR On-Ear Headphones – (MSRP $39.99, March 2015) Whether it’s strictly roots and reggae riddims, or your self-selected soundtrack, the ROAR on-ear headphones have got you covered. Delivering competitive acoustic performance with a unique Marley look and feel, the clean design is enhanced by a powerful 40mm driver, as well as in-line microphone with a 1-button controller.
  • TRIBUTE Over-Ear Headphones – (MSRP $249.99, Fall 2015) Premium headphones with unbeatable acoustic quality. Balanced foldable design with snug leather ear cushions and DJ articulation. The incorporation of recyclable aluminum, genuine leather and other premium materials, not to mention 50mm premium drivers make these socially responsible jewels a hands down must-have for sound boys and soul girls, no matter what’s streaming on the airwaves.
  • LEGEND ANC™ Over-Ear Headphones – (MSRP $279.99, July 2015) Our flagship over-ear LEGEND ANC is standalone in style, comfort and performance. With added feature of Active Noise Canceling technology, you won’t hear anything outside of the music. And the high-definition 40mm drivers bring your favorite soundtrack to life with ultra-realist acoustics, premium craftsmanship and high-end design.

So, although I never became a fan of Bob Marley’s music, I’m a huge fan of quality audio, my planet, and the joy they both bring me. If you have that in common with us, head on over to the House of Marley to see what they currently have for sale and to learn more about what’s ahead. I’m sure that, like me, you’ll be glad you did.

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