iPhone 6 case review: Just Mobile AluFrame Leather

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I’m glad I waited a while to review the the AluFrame Leather iPhone 6 case from Just Mobile, as there was one aspect of the designed I didn’t like at first, but eventually grew to be okay with.

Just Mobile, of course, is one of our favorite companies for Apple accessories, covering everything from MacBook stands to battery chargers to perhaps the most instantly recognizable touchscreen stylus on the market. They’re not as well known for their iPhone cases, but the AluFrame leather serves as a good introduction.

Just Mobile AluFrame Leather iPhone 6 Case

The AluFrame leather is a two-piece unit composed of a TPU “caddy” that fits inside an aluminum frame. A genuine Nappa leather inset is attached to the back of the caddy, and is available in black, blue, gray, tan and pink.

Just Mobile AluFrame Leather iPhone 6 Case

The interior of the caddy is lined with a soft material to protect the back of your phone from scratches while it’s in the case.

To use the AluFrame Leather, you place your iPhone 6 into the caddy, then slip them into the lightweight aluminum frame. Considering how easily the caddy/phone combo fits into the frame (no worries about button interference here), I wasn’t expected the pieces to hold together as well as they do. But once it all comes together, your phone isn’t going anywhere without a direct push.

The frame itself completely covers the edges of your iPhone, opening only for the necessary ports at the bottom. The headphone and Lightning port openings are wide enough to accommodate most headphone jacks and Lightning cables, and the exterior sleep/wake and volume buttons are quite responsive, retaining the iPhone “click” when using them.

Just Mobile AluFrame Leather iPhone 6 Case

In addition, the opening for the mute switch is easily wide enough to accommodate even the largest of thumbnails.

The problem I mentioned at the start of this review comes from the design of the frame. It opens somewhat wide at the top, and although the edge is chamfered, it runs counter to the rounded edge of the iPhone 6.

Just Mobile AluFrame Leather iPhone 6 Case

It’s not uncomfortable, really, just unnatural. It also creates an odd appearance, as if the case wasn’t designed specifically for the iPhone 6. The benefit to the wide opening, on the other hand, is that the case should easily accommodate screen protectors, including those that now hug the rounded edge of the iPhone 6 screen.

As such, the AluFrame Leather is a good case to go with. Its sophisticated design won’t draw a lot of attention, and it can be easily applied and removed as necessary. You’ll just have to use it a while before you get comfortable with it.

Apple Channel Rating B

Buy the Just Mobile AluFrame Leather iPhone 6 case

Provides: Scratch/scuff and minor drop protection for iPhone
Developer: Just Mobile
Minimum Requirements: iPhone 6
Price: $39.95
Availability: Mid-February

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  • Nicolas Hochard

    This case still leave the phone a bit bulky. Have a look at Krown Case if you are interested in slim good looking cases