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This one was a pleasant surprise. After the disappointing turn the normally reliable designed by many took with their AL13 v3 for iPhone 6, they redeem themselves with the simpler, less expensive, and very well designed ThreeDCase.

ThreeDCase iPhone 6

Forgoing their normal aluminum construction, the ThreeDCase is composed of “Uber Premium Polycarbonate Composite” for lightweight durability. Available in white, black, champagne and space gray, the case retains the curved edges of your iPhone 6 or 6 Plus, making it a very natural fit…with one rather unique design element thrown in; the back of the case has a subtle 3D texture that’s inspired by the triangular number sequence. The texture catches light at different angles, creating a rather cool appearance when it’s resting face down.

ThreeDCase iPhone 6

I should mention, however, that the edges of the ThreeDCase don’t rise far enough over the screen to protect it, but designed by many will have you know the case is compatible with their mPact Glass screen protector.

Regarding the rest of the fit, the ThreeDCase snaps easily around the edges of your phone, and offers one of the best fits I’ve seen yet. Because the sleep/wake and volume button areas are left open, getting the case back off is just as easy. The top and bottom areas are open, as well, so you can easily dock the iPhone 6 with most third-party accessories while the case is on.

ThreeDCase iPhone 6

A minor gripe with the ThreeDCase is that the texture on the back rises out to the edge in four areas: on the left, bottom, and twice on the right (you can see this in the top photo above). The cut of these lifts is sharper than the rounded edges of the case, making it somewhat uncomfortable to hold if they’re pressed against your skin. And although the thin construction adds hardly any bulk to your iPhone, it also provides very little drop protection. Use this case for scratch/scuff protection, only.

It’s great to see designed by many enter the lower price range of iPhone cases so effectively. The ThreeDCase is one of the more expertly designed and constructed cases you can get at $24.99, and is one you should seriously consider for your new phone.

Apple Channel Rating B

Buy the ThreeDCase for iPhone 6

Provides: Scratch/scuff protection for iPhone
Developer: designed by many
Minimum Requirements: iPhone 6 (also available for iPhone 6 Plus)
Price: $24.99
Availability: Now

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  • Nicolas Hochard

    That’s a cool design! I am going to stick to my slim Krown Case for now, but I like the 3d effect of this one.