iPhone 6 case review: Krown Premium aluminum

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The appeal of aluminum iPhone cases continues to grow, it seems, as more and more companies are offering the option in their iPhone 6 case lineup. The aluminum Premium iPhone 6 case is the first we’ve reviewed from Krown, and it’s a pretty good way to start.

Krown Premium aluminum iPhone 6 case

First off, though, the Krown Premium isn’t an aluminum case in the typical sense. Rather than being a complete aluminum bumper or case, the Krown Premium features a thin sheet of brushed aluminum that’s attached to a “high end soft rubber” shell. It’s this shell that makes up most of the case’s functionality; the aluminum is just there for looks. It’s available in red, black, gold and blue, although, as you can tell from my photos of my review unit pictured here, the blue comes across as more of a silver option.

The brushed aluminum is accented with chrome-like stips across the top and bottom, and a subtle Krown logo at the bottom right. Two good things about this particular use of aluminum are that it does a great job of masking fingerprints, and because the aluminum doesn’t wrap around the sides of the phone you should experience no signal loss like you do with many other aluminum cases.

The rubber interior grips your iPhone tightly, making it a bit difficult to get on and off without scraping against the sleep/wake and volume buttons. All button areas are left open, however, as are the top and bottom of your phone. This allows for easy docking when the case is on, so you won’t have to remove it as much as you otherwise would.

Krown Premium aluminum iPhone 6 case

The edges don’t rise up above the screen, however, so you’ll want to consider some form of screen protection if you plan to use the Krown Premium.

For the most part, the design and craftsmanship of the Krown Premium are pretty good. The only exception to this concerned the camera opening, which slightly overlaps the camera frame at the top, but this didn’t impact the iPhone’s photo abilities. In addition, the squared off edges will give your iPhone a much different feel from its natural rounded edges, and the case does make the iPhone noticeably heavier. However, it’s still quit thin and easy to pocket or hold.

Krown Premium aluminum iPhone 6 case

If you like the look of aluminum but don’t want to mess with latches or screws and prefer to not degrade your cellular signal, the Krown Premium is an option worth considering. It helps that it’s only $24.95, and is a much more elegant and professional option than the usual silicon or plastic choices you normally find at that price range.

Apple Channel Rating B

Buy the Krown Premium iPhone 6 Case

Provides: Scratch/scuff/bump protection for iPhone
Developer: Krown
Minimum Requirements: iPhone 6
Price: $24.95
Availability: Now

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