Spice up your text life with the Plume emoji app for flirting

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Let’s face it—sexy time and the standard emoji keyboard don’t really go together well. If your emoji game is really strong you might be able to get in some good innuendo, but sometimes you want an emoji that actually expresses how you feel whether you’re trying to say a cute “I Love You” with the suggestion of a picnic or want to let your inner freak out. Plume is an app that gives you more control over your private conversations, with the ability to use more adult-themed emoji and a way to keep your private conversations separate from the rest of your iPhone life.

Plume Emoji app

Worth a Picture?

Our phones have become universal objects. We share pictures of our kids, weekend adventures, pets, you name it, but sometimes the audience with whom you’re sharing doesn’t need to see your whole life. It could be as innocent as not sharing a picture of you and friends pulling goofy faces with your boss, but what if you and your partner are sharing something a little more risqué?

Plume Emoji app

Plume gives you a way to exchange messages and pictures in a completely separate app, so no longer will that scantily-clad pic show up when you hand your phone to a coworker to show them the awesome vista you had on your hike over the weekend. The app also includes a “boss button” to quickly log you out and turn your phone’s screen black, preventing passerby from seeing your private conversations.

If You’ll Be My Bodyguard

We’ve all had regrettable text conversations. Maybe you’ve been out for the night and decide to text an ex. Plume includes a virtual best friend—sort of the app equivalent of a wingman—designed to make you think twice about sending that text. It won’t flat out prevent you from ugly drunk texts, but at least it gives you a chance to consider your life choices before committing to them.

A Sketchy Idea

The standard emoji palette covers lots of situations (seriously, has anybody ever used the more obscure ones like the symbols for blood type?). But it doesn’t cover intimate moments very well, so if you and your special someone(s) want to express your feelings, you’re left with awkward workarounds. Plume includes small symbols similar to emoji and larger images called stickers that cover a range of interpersonal scenarios. From picnic baskets to paper drink umbrellas to ready-made double entendres including screws, roosters, and sausages, you can say it all. The images include representations of people that span age, race, size, and sexual orientation, so you can send messages that represent you and your partner. There’s a virtual suggestion box on the company’s site for you to request emoji that aren’t there already if you find a situation where the app doesn’t let you express exactly what you’re feeling.

Plume is free on the App Store.

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  • susieq2u

    It’s a really fun app! Love using it to talk to my boyfriend :)