Review: Loop’s Straitjacket iPhone 6 case

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Straightjacket case

The Straitjacket iPhone 6 case by Loop doubles as a wallet, allowing you to tuck credit cards, cash, receipts, stubs, whatever, into a series of bands that cross the back of the phone. This makes them easy to get to, and fully exposed. Whether this sounds like a good idea will determine if you should buy this case.

Straitjacket iPHone 6Designed as a bumper case with four elastic bands attached to the back, the Straitjacket has a nice, rubberized feel that doesn’t slip in the hand but doesn’t get snagged slipping into or out of your pocket. It covers the volume and power buttons, but everything else is exposed.

The gimmick is that you can slide things things into and out of the back, which sounds like a terrible idea to me. I’m already terrified by the thought of having my iPhone stolen, and having my credit cards and cash flashed every time I use it in public (which is a lot) makes it seem, to my mind, more of a target. Plus, with the advent of Apple Pay on the iPhone 6, I’m taking my credit cards out less often than before.

But I know that some people enjoy using their iPhone case as a wallet, and if you’re willing to trade concealability for ease of use, you may well like the Straitjacket. The placement of the bands makes it easy to slip cards in and out, though carrying more than two or three gets tight and makes it difficult to get only one card out of it’s not on top.

I personally can’t imagine using this for my valuables day-to-day, but for those who want to travel slim, the Straitjacket iPhone 6 case just might be for you.

Apple Channel Rating D

Buy the Straitjacket for iPhone 6

Provides: Protection from minor bumps, credit card / ID / cash storage
Developer: Loop
Minimum Requirements: iPhone 6
Price: $34.95
Availability: Now

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