iPhone 6 case review: Truffol Intelli Luxe wallet case

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The Truffol Intelli Luxe is a sleek, classic and elegant wallet case made of polycarbonate material and premium Italian cowhide. This iPhone 6 case provides security and protection while at the same adding elegance to the look and feel of your iPhone.

truffol intelli luxe wallet case for iphone 6

The Intelli Luxe has an InvisiLock magnetic clasp on its front cover to ensure that the case is closed at all times, saving you some needed battery power. It also has an inner pocket with an electromagnetic opaque Faraday cage compartment. Simply put, the case protects your RFID cards and driver’s license from getting stolen by data theft.

Speaking of credit cards and such, this Intelli Luxe has two card compartments in the back cover. This is useful if you are not too fond of carrying your wallet at all times. The case also has an RFID-friendly outer pocket that allows you to use RFID transit cards and employee entrance cards.

truffol intelli luxe wallet case for iphone 6

As with other iPhone cases that I’ve reviewed and liked, the Truffol Intelli Luxe iPhone 6 case does not add too much bulk to the thin form factor of the iPhone 6. In fact, you’ll hardly notice any additional thickness. That, for me, is a big factor. I also like that the textured leather finish of this case makes it a pleasure to hold and grasp. A final bonus is that the Truffol Intelli Luxe is available at a very affordable price when compared with other premium leather cases.

If you’re looking for a simple and yet elegant, multi-purpose iPhone case, the Truffol Intelli Luxe case is an excellent option.

Apple Channel Rating A

Buy the Truffol Intelli Luxe Wallet Case

Provides: Protection from scuffs/scratches and minor drops, plus storage for credit/ID cards
Developer: Truffol
Minimum Requirements: iPhone 6
Price: $29.99
Availability: Now

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  • Nicolas Hochard

    The materials used for this are interesting. If you are more metal than leather, I will suggest you to have a look at Krown Case.