iPhone 6 Plus case review: Griffin Identity All-Clear

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Griffin is well known for making many different protective cases for iPhones and iPads.  They’ve come out with a simple design that offers protection of the iPhone 6 Plus while maintaining a thin appearance to keep the iPhone from looking and feeling too bulky, but is the design too simple? We’ve received the Griffin Identity Ultra-Slim Case for review on our iPhone 6 Plus to see how it holds up to everyday use.


The Griffin Identity is a very simple minimal case that claims to provide protection of your iPhone 6 Plus from drops of up to 4 feet. The case has a clear polycarbonate back and clear silicone around all 4 sides to allow easy entry and protection of your phone.  There’s a large cutout in the back for the camera and flash.

Griffin Identity iPhone 6 Plus Case

The top edge is completely covered, and along the left edge there’s a cutout for the mute switch. The volume buttons are covered. Along the right edge, the power button is also protected. Across the bottom, there are cutouts for accessing the headphone port, microphone, and the data port. There is also a series of small holes over the speaker to provide protection while still allowing the audio to travel out.

The all-clear design of this case allows you to show off the beauty of the iPhone 6 Plus (different backplates designs are available). The slim design means it’s not adding a lot of unwanted bulk and weight to the iPhone. With the silicone edges, it’s very easy to pop the iPhone in and out of the case with minimal effort. Because the bottom edge of the case only has a cutout for the data pory, this means you will likely have issues if trying to keep the iPhone in the case while using a docking station; you will need to either pop the phone out of the case or purchase an extension cable and leave the phone resting near/on the docking station.

Griffin Identity iPhone 6 Plus Case

The Griffin Identity truly shows off the iPhone 6 Plus at its best, but I’ve found a few items of concern with this case. First, while the silicone used around the edges of the phone offers some extra grip along the sides, I’ve found the grip to feel only marginally better than the bare metal sides of the iPhone. It still has a slick feel, which means you still have a chance of dropping it.

Secondly, the clear polycarbonate back of the case is not permanently attached to the sides.  When putting the iPhone into and taking it out of the case, I found the silicone sides pulling away from back.  With the phone out, I found the back to be completely loose.  It has an edge and tiny tabs to have it fit into the silicone sides, but it gives me the feeling that the whole thing could eventually fall apart; not very comforting.


The Griffin Identity gives you a very slim design that showcases the beauty of the iPhone 6 Plus. It’s also priced at a very reasonable $29.99. There may be a few other cases out there in the same price range, but if you’re looking for a slim design on a budget, you can’t go wrong with this one.

Apple Channel Rating B

Buy the Griffin Identity for iPhone 6 Plus

Provides: Impact and scratch/scuff protection
Developer: Griffin Technology
Minimum Requirements: iPhone 6 Plus (available for other phones and tablets)
Price: $29.99
Availability: Now

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