iPhone 6 case review: STM dux

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Here’s another iPhone 6 case that was a pleasant surprise for me. STM often does good work, but the dux for iPhone 6 really impressed me with its simple but thoughtful design and functionality.

I’m not generally a huge fan of TPU cases, but the STM dux is very well constructed and offers a great fit, yet without being a chore to get on and off. The textured edges are firm, but the areas around the on/off and volume buttons are easy to pull back when putting the iPhone into the case or taking it out, meaning you won’t be scraping up against them while doing so. Of the buttons, only the mute switch is left uncovered, and it’s quite easy to get to it with your finger or thumbnail.

STM dux iPhone 6 case

The other buttons aren’t quite as responsive as when left uncovered, but they still feel natural to use.

The edge of the dux for iPhone 6 rises just above the screen to keep it protected when placed (or landing) screen-side down, and the bottom openings are wide enough to accommodate most third-party headphones and Lightning connectors. You won’t be able to dock the iPhone 6 when it’s in the dux, but that’s not a major issue considering how easy it is to get the case off the phone when docking is necessary.

STM dux iPhone 6 case

One of the more unique features of the STM dux is its clear polycarbonate protection for the back of the iPhone. This allows your iPhone color choice (or any skin you’ve applied) to show through. You can even get creative and print off photos or images to place between your phone and the case, swapping them out as necessary. It’s a great way to cycle through your favorite sports teams as their seasons come and go; too bad the dux is only available in black or red.

STM dux iPhone 6 case

As you’d expect with clear polycarbonate, however, that back protection can (and will) get scratched and scuffed up after a while.

The only design choice I question is the addition of a lanyard loop on the bottom right corner. This sticks out just far enough to prevent the iPhone from resting in the cupholder in my car or the pocket of my laptop bag, and I doubt I’m ever going to have my iPhone dangling form a lanyard. I’d rather the attachment loop just wasn’t there.

Still, at $30, the STM dux for iPhone 6 is a great value. It allows for some customization via the clear polycarbonate backing, and it provides an excellent fit and sturdy protection. Even if you’ve become leary of TPU cases as I have, this is one you should still check out.

Apple Channel Rating B

Buy the STM dux for iPhone 6

Provides: Scratch/scuff and drop protection for iPhone
Developer: STM
Compatibility: iPhone 6 (also available for iPhone 6 Plus)
Price: $29.95
Availability: Now

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