iPhone 6 case review: PureGear HIP Case+ cell phone holster

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Hipcase +Consider the cell phone holster. For a time, they were a status symbol; you wore your cellphone like a sidearm, ready to whip it out when the latest business-related emergency happened. And now, it’s an anachronism; a prime-time joke. Except, of course, if you actually need one, to have your phone handy outside of your clothes without fishing it out of your pocket. The HIP Case+ from PureGear gives you a belt clip, card holder, and slim phone case in one package.

So, what do you get? The first component is a hard shell case that fits on the iPhone 6. Matte black or gray, it exposes all the buttons and ports, as well as the camera and Apple logo. The iPhone buttons are recessed within the case (the lip wraps all the way around both sides of the face, but not the top nor bottom). The case also includes a plastic kickstand that works in both horizontal and vertical mode (though it’s less stable in vertical).

Hipcase +The holster has a non-detachable belt clip that rotates in 180º with a series of solid clicks. It also has a wallet slot that can hold two IDs or credit cards (provided you want to expose those every time you take your phone out). The slim case slides into the holster in both front-facing and back positions, and with either the top or bottom of the phone at the top of the holster, meaning you can protect your touch screen or leave it exposed to check quickly, and have your headphone jack facing up if you want. There’s no hole for the camera in holster.

The HIP Case+ holds solidly on a belt, pocket, and armband (though there is some wobble in the latter instance, obviously). The inner case doesn’t snap out with a clip, but slides out from a firm grip, eliminating the chance of accidentally releasing it. With the case in the holster, the recessed buttons are even harder to reach, as well.

It’s a solid design all around. The slim case has a good grip, protection, and nice gimmick in the kickstand. And if you want or need to store your iPhone outside your pocket, the HIP Case+ gives you a great modular system that converts into a standard pocket case when you need one.


Apple Channel Rating D

Buy the PureGear HIP Case+ for iPhone 6

Provides: Scuff/scratch and drop protection, vertical or horizontal display, belt attachment
Developer: PureGear
Minimum Requirements: iPhone 6
Price: $34.99
Availability: Now

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