Apple TV streaming service to be unveiled in June

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Apple TV streaming service to launch in JuneThere have been rumors about at Apple TV streaming service for a very long time, but they have suddenly become more believable. Apple is said to be launching a streaming service later this year, and it will include 25 channels for between $30 and $40 per month. Earlier reports may have been accurate, but it was not until recently that nontraditional live TV providers could find a way to get into the industry.

A report in the Wall Street Journal lays out Apple’s plans based upon sources close to the company. Apple is said to be working on a streaming service that will include the most popular channels; ABC, CBS, Fox, Disney, FX, and others will all be included with the service. However, NBCUniversal does not appear to be on board due to disputes between its parent company, Comcast, and Apple.

The current plan, according to WSJ, has Apple launching the service at WWDC, its largest event of the year. Then, the streaming service will go live in September. Apple will not let everyone access the service and may instead keep streaming limited to the iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV. Mac support would make sense, but there is no word on it so far.

Via [MacWorld]

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