Apple offering customer data to potential TV network partners

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apple logoIn order to secure more channels for its rumored TV streaming service, Apple is reportedly willing to hand over customer viewing data. A New York Post reports Apple will let partners know who viewers are, what they are watching, and when they are watching. This information could then be used for advertising purposes, and the report claims Apple is going to let each content provider decide if it wants to display ads on the service.

Apple promotes itself as being strong on privacy since it is not reliant on ads. Even though its own advertising would not change if this rumor is accurate, it would still break some of its self-imposed rules regarding customer data. With all of its other offerings, Apple avoids sending data to other companies for any commercial reason and definitely doesn’t send data for advertising.

In general, the Post reports Apple is going to take more of a “hands-off approach” with the service, letting each content provider do almost anything they want when it comes to advertising. Again, this is different from how Apple normally handles things since it has historically controlled all core aspects of its services.

Contradicting a report from earlier this week, the Post stated its sources believe the streaming service will cost $20 a month, not $30 or $40.

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