Apple might be readying new Apple TV for June

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Apple TVIt has been a long time coming, but there might be a new Apple TV in the works. Rumors are coming out that Apple wants to release a new Apple TV for the WWDC conference in June. There are a multitude of reasons to believe this is finally happening.

The new Apple TV would include third-party app support, Siri voice control, and even the internet TV service we reported on earlier in the week. It would likely also include Apple’s new A8 chip or some variation of it. Apple’s service would include 25 channels for between $30 or $40 a month. They are supposed to have the big providers already on board, in addition to HBO with whom they are the exclusive partner at launch of HBO NOW.

For years, Apple has alluded to wanting a bigger piece of the TV realm. Unfortunately, the current Apple TV was limited in what it could do for Apple’s vision. With its recent price drop, it makes sense now more than ever that they want to release an update.

Buzzfeed News confirms the idea of having an app store for the new device. This would allow the Apple TV to compete with the Roku 3 or Amazon Fire TV that allow users to download numerous third-party apps and games. Buzzfeed also reports that the new model would have home automation options that would really allow Apple to control the living room. Apple has been slowly gaining allies in the TV realm, and now they need a new device to capitalize on all the noise they’ve made. A new Apple TV would be a great way for Apple to solidify its intentions.

Via [TheVerge]

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