JP Morgan expects Apple will use LCD on iPhone 7

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JP Morgan expects Apple will use LCD on iPhone 7OLED has shown up in the Apple Watch, but people should not get too excited. JP Morgan analyst Narci Chang believes Apple does not plan to leave behind LCD on the “iPhone 7″ and that means OLED may not expand to other products in the near future. Chang’s statements were part of a note to investors obtained byAppleInsider.

Chang says Japan Display’s recent billion-dollar deal with Apple for a large LTPS LCD panel facility shows Apple’s most popular devices aren’t moving past LCD. The facility from Japan Display and Apple will be capable of pushing out 100 million 5-inch LCD panels every year. Apple is partially funding the facility’s construction in return for better access to the factory and its output.

Apple has generally been anti-OLED with all of its products. Before the Apple Watch was launched by the company, it was widely believed another LCD panel would appear on the wearable. Ultimately, Apple included an OLED display with the Apple Watch, and it was then believed Apple could have shifted its view of OLED for other devices.

The deal with Japan Display, as Chang notes, means it is highly unlikely OLED will be on an iPhone or iPad any time soon.

Via [AppleInsider]

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