Report: Samsung making A9 chip for next iPhone

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According to a Bloomberg report, Samsung will be producing the Apple A9 chip for the next-generation iPhone. As it was trying to move away from Samsung due to their competition in other areas, Apple switched to Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) for its processors in 2013. Even with that transition, Samsung was still a major A8 chip supplier for Apple, and now it may be the primary A9 supplier.

When the deal with TSMC was in effect, Apple was still getting 40% of its A8 chips from Samsung. The new deal between Samsung and Apple, which has been mentioned in reports for months, will result in production being split between sources. Samsung will be a primary A9 supplier, while Globalfoundries Inc, a Samsung partner, will fill other orders.

Samsung is reportedly using its 14-nanometer process during production of the A9 chips. Samsung is generally more advanced than TSMC and other rival producers. Apple recognizes this, and has therefore reportedly decided to transition away from TSMC and towards Samsung once again.

According to Bloomberg, the A9 chips will be made at Samsung’s Giheung plant in South Korea.

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