iPhone 6 Plus case review: Carved Traveler Wood Case

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“Knurled edges.” These two simple words should send shock waves across the iPhone accessory industry. Add the words “hand crafted” and “real wood,” and you end up with a protective case that’s worth investigating, as with the new Traveler wood case by Carved for the iPhone 6 Plus. We received the case for review, and put it through it’s paces in the real world.



Our Carved Traveler Wood Case for iPhone 6 Plus has a laser etching of the famed Mayan calendar. I guess it’s now more of a decorative conversation piece than the foretelling of the end of time. Still, it is a very detailed and intricate laser etching done into the real piece of wood that makes up the majority of the back of the case.

The rest of the case is a polycarbonate shell with rubber sides to allow easy insertion and removal of your iPhone. The sides wrap completely around the iPhone and offer a lip to add protection to the front as well. There’s a standard cutout on the back for the camera and flash. There’s also a cutout for the mute switch, as well as along the bottom for the speaker, headphone jack, and data port.  You will likely not be able to keep the iPhone in it’s case when attempting to use a dock.


The carved wood blends in perfectly with the rest of the case; there are no rough edges anywhere. It maintains a very slim profile and won’t feel bulky in your hand.

Speaking of which, it’s when you hold it in your hand that you notice the knurled edges along both sides of the case; it simply feels right, and adds an ample amount of grip. This is something many cases lack, which can make the sides slick and cause you to drop them. With this case, you can feel the grip and have confidence holding it—very important for larger phones like the iPhone 6 Plus.


This is one of the best slim cases I’ve used on my iPhone 6 Plus. It’s hand crafted in the USA, and you’ll even find the signatures of the people involved in the design and assembly of the case on the inside back of the case.


Carved offers the case in many different designs, not only for the iPhone 6 Plus, but for all other versions of iPhones and many Samsung devices. The price is extremely reasonable for the amount of detail that went into this. If you need a good-looking, go-to everyday case, get one from Carved. Now!

Apple Channel Rating B

Buy the Carved Traveler Wood Case for iPhone 6 Plus

Provides: Impact and scratch/scuff protection
Developer: Carved
Compatibility: iPhone 6 Plus (available for other phones)
Price: $29.00 to $54.00 (review unit model is $34.00)
Availability: Now

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