Report: Apple to use more power-efficient iPad displays

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Apple said to use more power-efficient iPad displays

According to new reports coming out of Asia, the iPad Pro and other new iPad models will use oxide TFT displays. With that display type, the tablets will use less power, be more energy-efficient, and last longer. LG Display will address the demand for the new displays by investing in P8-P9 production technology. The displays will reportedly be manufactured in LG’s Paju, South Korea plants.

LG Display is only capable of manufacturing around 9,000 oxide TFT sheets each month; in order to fulfill orders from Apple, that capacity must increase. LG has plans to boost its capacity by 21,000 sheets so it is eventually manufacturing as many as 30,000 sheets every month. Reports claim the company has further long-term plans that would see it capable of producing another 20,000 sheets monthly by the second quarter of next year.

Almost all of the additional manufacturing capacity has to do with Apple and its iPad Pro. ETNews has cited a report from an anonymous LG Display official which says the manufacturer needs to create “iPads with 12.9-inch” displays.

Samsung Display, Sharp, and LG Display will be used in combination by Apple when sourcing the displays.

Via [Cult of Mac]

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