iPhone 6 case review: Inner Exile Odyssey Voyage aluminum

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Well, fans of aluminum bumpers and cases can rest assured that the days of tiny screwdrivers and Allen wrenches appear to be behind us. More and more case developers are finding ways to get the phone in and out without the need for additional tools, and the Inner Exile Odyssey Voyage is one of the simplest and least intrusive I’ve seen yet.

Inner Exile Odyssey Voyage iPhone 6 Case

The CNC machining process for each Odyssey Voyage takes 70 minutes to complete, the results of which are pretty slick. Whether you go with the gray, silver or gold model to match your particular iPhone 6, you’ll get a case that’s a natural fit, if not a perfect complement. By that, I mean there are a couple design elements that are decidedly not Apple-like, such as the obvious break between the back piece and the side frame. It doesn’t look bad, it’s just not something Apple would have allowed.

But I’m not going to harp on that, not when everything else works so well, especially the latch mechanism for opening the case.

Inner Exile Odyssey Voyage iPhone 6 Case

It’s at the top, and you simply pull back the small lever and pull away the back piece to open the case on its bottom hinges. You then place the iPhone into the frame, screen first, being careful to properly align the mute switch. It won’t move if you get that wrong, but it’s not at all hard to do if you have the case and phone on the same setting (preferably not muted). The phone is held in place with small strips of soft padding, and then you simply close the back piece and latch it shut.

Inner Exile Odyssey Voyage iPhone 6 Case

All of the buttons and switches are covered, and they remain very responsive and easy to use.

When your phone is in the case, unfortunately, you’re not going to be able to dock it with any third party accessories. In addition, the Lightning cable opening is cut too small for some third party cables. I still have no idea why case manufacturers don’t consider third-party products when designing these elements, but I’m also no engineer.

Inner Exile Odyssey Voyage iPhone 6 Case

You may expect the headphone port would be cut too thin, too, and it is, but Inner Exile included an adapter to make sure the case is third-party headphone compatible. Just keep that on whatever pair of headphones you prefer, and you’re good to go.

Those common complaints aside, the Odyssey Voyage is one of the more convenient aluminum cases I’ve used yet. The inability to dock it is easy to overlook when you consider how simple it is to get your iPhone 6 in and out of the case. And no matter which iPhone 6 color you have, the Inner Exile has a case ready to complement.

Inner Exile Odyssey Voyage iPhone 6 Case

The cases are prone to scuffs and scratches, and as you can see in the first photo above, the raised “Odyssey Voyage” moniker is already wearing off. These are minor issues, yes, but they’re not the type of things you normally see in the higher end aluminum cases. When you factor in the sturdy protection and the ease with which you can apply and remove the case, however, they’re pretty easy to accept.

Apple Channel Rating B

Buy the Inner Exile Odyssey Voyage

Provides: Scratch/scuff and basic drop protection
Developer: Inner Exile
Compatibility: iPhone 6
Price: $99.99
Availability: Now

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