iPhone 6 Plus case review: LAUT Apex Folio

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Laut Apex iPhone 6 Plus caseA folio for a device as large as the iPhone 6 Plus really has no business being this slim and non intrusive. If there was any magical miracle that LAUT’s Apex performs when you let it wrap its clutches around your smartphone, it’s that it makes it feel only marginally larger in your pocket. For a phone that already bullies free space away, this should come as great news to case hunters.

The LAUT Apex is stiff on the front and back thanks to rigid plastic plates that dutifully protect your phone’s vulnerable bits. It serves as the skeleton for some leathery skin that is durable and smooth. As it’s functional, it admittedly lacks that “high quality materials” feel of other LAUT brand cases like the K-Folio. It almost feels like bargain dress shop purses that hang from the register on check out. The fact that it comes in six colors—most of which are loud and distracting—will further illustrate the picture of the mall cart chic of this thing. That said, it goes in and out of pockets without grabbing and pulling everything else with it. And after a period of standard use, it looks just as good as it did coming out of the box. Keys and spare change tried their hardest, but Apex is stoic in its defense of your phone screen…

… so long as the front flap stays closed. There’s no way to secure the top flap to the bottom flap besides a firm grip and some hope and faith. The hinge part of the fold isn’t so limp that the front dangles around, but to leave it to chance is to stay open to possibility of the whole thing being compromised. The inner brace that holds the phone in place wraps tightly around the long sides of the phone, leaving plenty of room to access the buttons. But really, this only serves as a bumper, not an anchor point for the top.

The inside is furnished with a felt-like material that’s soft and smooth so as to shelter your phones screen from life’s harsh realities—unless lint and pet hair are part of those realities, because it tends to attract small bits of both. The accompanying phone screen protectors should help with this, but keep the packed in screen cloth handy.

Inside the top flap is a slot for cards, but unless you’re done with cash and only carry two cards max, the Apex will not replace your wallet. It does make a handy place to store that previously mentioned screen cloth, though.

LAUT Apex iPhone 6 Plus case

If features a hole in the front of the top flap for the ear output, but I admittedly have never thought to use the phone while the case is closed. The back camera hole is recessed in the back plate so your camera lens no longer sits directly on the table. The whole case can be folded as an impromptu media stand, as well. YouTube never sleeps.

As it isn’t the flashiest of folio-style smartphone cases, LAUT’s Apex does the few simple tasks it’s charged with pretty well. It will stand up to life’s everyday dings and scratches, while keeping extra cards safe, and transforming into a stand on the fly. The plasticy, leathery wrap that surrounds the case feels a bit strange at first, but its durability and sleekness charmed me eventually.

Apple Channel Rating B

Buy the LAUT Apex Folio for iPhone 6Plus

Provides: Ultra-thin profile and versatile folding stand case.
Developer: LAUT
Compatibility: iPhone 6 Plus (also available for iPhone 6)
Price: $24.99
Availability: Now

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