Moshi iVisor Glass iPhone 6 screen protector review

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It wasn’t long after the release of the iPhone 6 that we all saw what a problem the curved edges would be for screen protectors. Because of the slope, the typically flat screen protectors had to abandon coverage just before the iPhone 6’s edges, which led to unsightly lines and annoying ridges when tapping and swiping on the phone.

None of this is a problem with the Moshi iVisor Glass iPhone 6 screen protector, as it reaches to the edge to provide full protection, even over the curves. And as you’ve come to expect with Moshi’s iVisor products, the iVisor Glass for iPhone 6 goes on simply and provides a bubble free installation.

So, why the suction cup?

Moshi iVisor Glass iPhone 6 screen protector

First, let’s talk about getting the iVisor Glass on your phone. You’ll use the microfiber cloth to clean away any fingerprints and dust (Moshi advises you to not use cleaning solvents), then you’ll peel away the iVisor’s backside film. At this point, you’ll see the adhesives to hold the iVisor in place are around the very edges. This means the glass doesn’t adhere to the screen itself, which is why you don’t get bubbles.

Placing the iVisor Glass is pretty simple, as the edge to edge coverage means you can start at the edges, not some random point on the screen. If you don’t get good alignment, you can use the suction cup to raise it from the iPhone, then try again. My first installation was pretty good, but I raised it a couple times to check the suction cup process, and it worked without fault.

Moshi iVisor Glass iPhone 6 screen protector

Although the iVisor Glass does reach to the edge of the iPhone 6’s screen, you can still feel its edges when holding the phone. Although not uncomfortable, it is unfamiliar, but you can easily mask this with the use of a full case, which I still recommend. Not all cases will be compatible, as it depends upon how they fit around the naked iPhone 6 screen. As you can see if the photo below, however, Moshi’s iGlaze Armour was most accommodating, as one would expect.

Moshi iVisor Glass iPhone 6 screen protector

When under the iVisor Glass, your iPhone 6’s screen will be a little bit dimmer. The touch responsiveness is just fine, however, and you get the benefit of very powerful screen protection. The iVisor can withstand very strong scratches, and if you drop your phone from high enough to crack the screen, you can rest assured the crack will be to the iVisor Glass, not your iPhone’s glass.

Moshi’s iVisor Glass screen protector is available in black and white for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. If you have either of these devices but don’t yet have a screen protector—or just aren’t happy with the one you do have—there are helpful links below. I recommend you follow them.

Apple Channel Rating A

Buy the iVisor Glass iPhone 6 Screen Protector

Provides: Edge to edge iPhone 6 screen scratch/scuff and shatter protection
Developer: Moshi
Compatibility: iPhone 6 (also available for iPhone 6 Plus)
Price: $39.95
Availability: Now

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  • Carl Paterson

    The moshi protector is good but I found this one from Screen Protectors to be better – Just Google Screen Protectors UK and you shall see the best Full Edge to Edge – iPhone 6 Apple Case Friendly on the market – Screen Protectors

  • wyocommie

    You honestly liked this screen protector? Or did Moshi pay you to leave a positive review? I had this thing in place for a few days and it was AWFUL. A complete mess! Touch sensitivity was GONE. Made the phone feel like a cheap piece of plastic crap. The razor sharp edges of the Moshi and the gap between the protector and the phone snags on everything, collects dust, and might even be sharp enough to cut skin!

    I contacted Moshi support, and they did send me a replacement that they claimed was “updated” and “fixed” all the issues. It was exactly the same piece of garbage and had ALL the same problems. Wretched product. And at $45 it’s one of the most expensive screen protectors on the market. Which is a complete slap in the face for such a piece of unusable garbage.

    • Kirk Hiner

      Technology Tell does not accept payment for reviews.

      Not only did I like the iVisor Glass, it’s still my favorite iPhone 6 screen protector I’ve used yet. The edge gap is definitely NOT sharp enough to cut skin, but it did collect dust. Also, I had no problem at all with touch sensitivity…and believe me, with the number of games I play on the iPhone 6, I would’ve covered it in the review if it had been an issue.

      • wyocommie

        Sorry, I didn’t mean to sound so accusatory in my comment! I shouldn’t have said anything about taking payment. Glad you like the screen protector. I’m just amazed that you had such a polar opposite experience from me!

        • Kirk Hiner

          No worries. Out of curiosity, is yours for iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus?

          • wyocommie

            I use the 6 Plus. How about you?

          • Kirk Hiner

            Ah, I reviewed it on the 6. That may explain the different experiences.

          • wyocommie

            Maybe so. I suppose also they could have actually made some real improvements on it since I tried it months ago.

  • Angel Peterson

    My first Moshi iVisor Glass screen was cracked and chipped within two weeks and that is without dropping my phone even once. I have been so careful with it. Every place my fingers would have a bit of pressure on the phone, it chipped. So where the buttons were, that’s where it chipped. I am not heavy handed with my phone. I just use it regularly. I thought maybe it was one faulty one and got it replaced. It’s been about a week and now this morning I see another chip. Again I have not dropped my phone even once. I set it beside my bed on a carpeted floor. This morning I see a little tiny chip on the top and it is turning into a crack. They talk about the strength of this screen protector, which is what sold me on it, and then it chips like a fragile wafer. I don’t get it. What am I doing wrong? Or is it just not as good as they say it is?

    On the positive, I love the look of it. I wish it would stay uncracked because I don’t like the look of it cracked. Sensitivity was an issue on the last one that cracked right across, this one it’s been pretty decent but I never did use the phone without a protector so I don’t know if it is decreased sensitivity or not.


    Moshi screen protector is a piece of crap and I’m not ashamed to say it. After a week it cracked and the cracks keep running across the screen as they are in a race.

    Here is my email to Moshi crappy customer service and below is the info I copy and pasted from their site as i was still supposed to pay another $25 for a replacement.

    BS to me!

    Freya or whoever is reading this email,

    I’m extremely disappointed with Moshi! Not only this product is not Lifetime warranty as promised, i still have to pay $10 to get it replaced??

    And on top of that i have to pay $15 for the shipping that it’s not included for a product that doesn’t comply with the standards and false marketing that you guys advertise for your product.

    How is it possible that I have to pay $25 in order to get a replacement for a product that was $32 at a Telus Store, an authorized seller for your products?

    How is it possible that this screen protector didn’t even last a week after purchasing it? The date is on the receipt i sent you and the picture of the cracked screen protector was attached.

    The cracks are even worse now as they are running through the whole screen and not only that but i have to send you the broken/cracked screen (AT MY COST) SO I HAVE TO PAY FOR SENDING IT BACK TO YOU, so that the warranty on the second screen protector that I’m paying for is valid and not compromised or voided?

    What kind of awful Customer Service is this?

    I don’t want anything to do with your company or your stupid screen protectors. I followed all the instructions and steps to be completed patiently.

    I’m done with you guys and my reviews will always be the WORST for not only your products but also to the awful customer service you provide.







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  • Denise Chen

    That is can not deny moshi screen protector is a good product, while there is found a very competitive and high quality 3D tempered glass from Fomax, just google fomax glass and you will see fomax 3D tempered glass, which is the final and top tempered glass for iphone.