Wings! Remastered Edition now scrambling for Mac

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Wings! Remastered Edition

You might think the announcement of Wings! Remastered Edition would signify the Blu-ray release of the Hackett brothers’ comic foibles, and why not? Crystal Bernard was adorable on that show!

Here, however, we’re speaking of Cinemaware’s classic aerial combat sim for the Amiga. Wings! Remastered Edition has now been released for the Macintosh, having been re-imagined in rich HD with the original soundtrack re-recorded in full instrumentation. Grab your flight jacket, take to the skies and give the enemy hell!

Or just sit on the couch, because Wings! Remastered Edition is also available for Apple devices via the iTunes Store and Android devices via the Google Play Store.

Cinemaware’s classic Wings! gets re-mastered in high definition with all its original missions, dogfights, story and gameplay! Relive the action, glory and seat of the pants daring of a WWI Allied fighter pilot! You’ll strafe Hun armies, bomb enemy aerodromes and match wits against deadly Aces in heart-stopping dogfights, the loser going down in flames…without a parachute! More than just a simulator, Wings! Remastered Editionfeatures genuine arcade action and an emotion-packed role-playing experience. Wings! Remastered Edition is the easy to play air combat simulation you’ve been waiting for… no complicated keyboard commands. Just fly and shoot!

With Wings! Remastered Edition, Cinemaware brings you back to an experience full of blasting action, drama and emotions. Get your Sopwith Camel started and dive deep into this amazing story of a WWI combat pilot’s life experience. Fight your foes in one-on-one air combat, bomb enemy installations and strafe enemy supply lines!

To sum that up in mission briefing format (without so many exclamation marks), Wings! Remastered Edition features:

  • A dramatic World War I storyline from the perspective of a combat pilot
  • The horrors and glories of the 56th Squadron as it strives to survive to the end of the war
  • Missions that will have you dogfighting, bombing and strafing enemies in a variety of dramatic missions
  • Over 230 diverse missions taking place between 1916 and 1918
  • A completely re-scored orchestral soundtrack by Sound of Games, the leading game music production team

Wings! Remastered Edition is available now in the Mac App Store for $14.99. For more information, visit

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