SelfieX highlights our favorite free apps this week

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selfiex free appsI know what you’re thinking—I must have lost my mind, since I’m recommending you download an app whose sole purpose is to take selfies. I’m not the world’s biggest fan of selfies, especially if they are pointless. But if you have a good reason to take a picture of yourself (perhaps you are on vacation, documenting your crossing paths with a celebrity, or the like), then why not at least take a good one?

Up to this point, you’ve had three options: use the inferior front-facing camera with low resolution, use the superior main camera and risk not being in the picture, or use the main camera after hours of practice so you’re a pro. SelfieX thinks there’s a better way. First, open the app and setup where you want your face to be in the picture with a yellow rectangle. Then flip your camera around and let SelfieX tell you how to frame the shot. As soon as your face is in the zone, it’ll take your picture. Look ma, no buttons! It’s super easy, and now you won’t have to take tons of pictures to get one good shot. More importantly, you won’t look odd holding your camera at arms length for an extended period of time.

Our Free Apps Honorable Mentions:

  • 2-bit Cowboy – He may not have many bits, but he makes up for it in style. This is a psuedo-retro platformer that has you riding horses, taming bulls, drinking at saloons, and exploring the underground mines. Yeehaw?
  • Peek Calendar – Want a more simple, minimalistic calendar app? This might be it. Your calendar doesn’t have to be complex to be useful; this app boils down your schedule to the bare minimum.
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