Cherubs make your music a bit more angelic

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Cherubs perhaps aren’t the types of things you’d normally shove in your ears, but this new Indiegogo campaign could change your mind. At the least, they’d be appropriate when busting out your old Angel albums.

Cherubs are looking hover above the crowd in two ways. First, audio:

Cherubs are made of a hi-tech ZrO2 ceramic used in aerospace and medical industries. Coupled with the silicone ear insert, ceramics keep the audio in, while blocking out unwanted noise. Cherubs remain comfortably in your ears when you are working out because of the secure fit and heavier weight.

Cherubs use a complete ceramic case that creates a chamber that funnels sound to your ear, enhancing your audio experience. Other ceramic earbuds typically have a metal component in their case which absorbs the sound waves – making your audio “tinny” and empty.

Second, as a fashion accessory:

Headphone market is booming. Headphones have become a lifestyle product. New fashion collections of Chanel and Dolce & Gabbana include them alongside handbags, shoes and dresses.

We offer ceramic headphones as a bold accessory, to be worn by confident men and women living fast paced contemporary lifestyles.

I’m not sure it makes much sense select your headphones based on how well they match your shoes, but I’m not here to judge…you know what matters to you.

The Cherubs Indiegogo campaign just launched today, so you’ve got some time to check them out and make your…I’ll guess we’ll call them tithes and offerings, in this instance. $40 will get you a set of Cherubs (expected to ship in October), and there are also custom lasering options that start at $500 for 10 pairs. For more information, visit

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