Don’t replace your Apple Lightning cable, protect it with Tudia Klip

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Tudia Klip

The Lightning cables Apple provides with their products are, as one would expect, minimal. White, basic, you know how it works. Unfortunately, they also have minimal endurance, and are very susceptible to fraying and tearing near the ends. We have long recommended you replace your Lightning cables with better quality (and Apple approved products), but now there’s a less costly option.

Tudia KlipAplars has announced the launch of Tudia Klip, a 2-piece plastic clip that snaps onto your Apple 30 pin or Lightning cables, protecting the problematic area where it’s most likely to bend at a bad angle.

The clip works by creating a cage around the cable, preventing wear and tear and limiting how much the cable can bend, dramatically extending its life. Klip comes in 5 different colors, and its simple design complements the current styling of Apple charging cables. Coming in at 0.59 inches in length and .08 oz, Klip’s minimalist structure adds very little bulk to the cable. Ultimately, Klip is designed to save users the hassle of repeatedly purchasing $25 replacement cables that can’t keep up with on-the-go charging.

One Klip purchase will get you two clips (one for each end of the cable), which you attach by simply sliding the colored piece over the cable and then snapping on the other half, locking the frequently fraying cable parts into place. Your Apple charging cable will then last longer, saving you money and preventing waste.

Full features include:

  • Fits Lightning and 30 Pin Apple chargers
  • Available in Pink, Blue, Green, Grey, and Yellow
  • Extends life of cable and prevents fraying
  • Easy snap on procedure
  • Reduces the need for replacement cables

As with many new products these days, Aplars is releasing the Klip through an Indiegogo campaign that will run through June 8, 2015. Backers can preorder the early bird Tudia Klip pack for as low as $5.00, which they can expect to receive by July 1st, 2015. For more information, head over to

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