iPhone 6 case review: RhinoShield Crash Guard Bundle

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We’ve started to see quite a few solutions for iPhone 6 screen protection that actually covers the whole screen, including the curved edges. Some of these products are pretty slick, and their degrees of success will vary with your success at installation and that case you plan to use with it, as not all will be compatible. To address both issues, Evolutive Labs has released The RhinoShield Crash Guard Bundle, which provides you with a highly protector bumper and front/back screen protectors.

I’ll point out up front that the Crash Guard is available without the front screen protection at half the price, but screen protection is something we highly recommend, so this review will focus on the bundle.

I’ll go in order of application, I guess, beginning with the back screen protection. This is a thin, glossy film that’s cut to align with the camera of your iPhone 6.

RhinoShield Crash Guard

The back shield goes on fairly easily, but you’ll want to make you’ve cleaned all the dust off your phone first. As you can see in the photo above, it doesn’t reach all the way to the edges of the phone, but works fine in tandem with the bumper. My only complaint with this particular back protector is that the glossy sheen highlights fingerprints; I’d rather it have more of a matte finish to help minimize them.

Next, you’ll apply the screen protector. This is a bit stronger and of a higher quality, and is equally easy to put on; simply align the opening with the home button, then make sure you’re laying it down straight as you move up. There’s room for some error, as I was able to pick it up and realign a couple times without incident. You’ll want to make sure you get a good alignment, too, because it’s important that it fit within the bumper.

RhinoShield Crash Guard

Finally, then, the bumper goes on and off as you’d expect a bumper to. Although sturdy, it has enough bend to allow for fairly easy application without applying too much pressure on the iPhone’s side buttons and switches. Those buttons are fully protected when on, and remain responsive and “clicky,” while the outward slope of the mute switch opening provides for easy access. The bottom openings for the Lightning port and headphone jack are wide enough to accommodate most third-party accessories, but thick enough that it will likely prevent docking.

When all this comes together, you get impact absorption from up the 11.5 feet—which exceeds military standards—thanks to the reinforced corners and sturdy construction of the bumper. Even better, the matte finish is easy to grip, so you’ll hopefully be dropping it less anyway. And should the screen scrape something on the way down, or if you drop something on the screen, the screen protector will help to keep the glass from scratching or shattering.

RhinoShield Crash Guard

The design of the RhinoShield Crash Guard is fairly pedestrian, although it does come in 12 colors. That’s impressive for such a case, and I quite like the purple and blue/gray combos.

RhinoShield Crash Guard

If you’d like a little more personality, you can also ways forgo Evolutive Labs’ back protector and use a third-party skin, selecting your RhinoShield color to match.

So, although the screen/phone protection isn’t seamless with the RhinoShield Crash Guard Bundle, it is complete. You can see gaps between them, but you won’t feel them when using your iPhone. And more importantly, it keeps everything safe.

Apple Channel Rating B

Buy the RhinoShield Crash Guard for iPhone 6

Provides: Full scratch, scuff and impact protection
Developer: Evolutive Labs
Minimum Requirements: iPhone 6 (also available for iPhone 6 Plus and iPhone 5/5s)
Price: $49.99
Availability: Now

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