A closer look at the Gibson Trainer wireless sport headphones

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With the weather nice enough for outdoor workouts and your beach body right around the corner, many of us are discovering extra drive during our workouts. If you need even more oomph when sweating it out (or just need the inspiration to get off the couch in the first place), the newly-launched Trainer by Gibson wireless sport headphones promise to give you some great sound to get you moving. The Trainer series is a new health-focused brand from Gibson, whose best known products are undoubtedly their guitars and other musical instruments.

Gibson Trainer headphones

Like a Lightning Bolt

Although unveiled at CES earlier this year, the Gibson Trainer headphones’ real draw is the development partnership between Gibson and Usain Bolt. With several Olympic gold medals in track & field, Bolt knows a thing or two about athletics and training, so Gibson has tapped his expertise to design headphones to meet the needs of fitness enthusiasts.

PR photography Usain Bolt white Trainer headphones - PR use only

Sporty features in the Trainer by Gibson headphones include innovations designed to make your workouts safer, such as an active multi-mode headband. Lifestyle mode gives you a sleek headband, but at the push of a button you can convert the headband to Active mode for a more secure fit and better stability, ensuring your headphones stay put even during vigorous exercise. NightNav LEDs and SafeSound functions make you visible at night and give you the ability to turn down the volume and bass of your music, ensuring you’re seen and aware of your surroundings when exercising out doors.

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The Trainer headphones sport a 10 hour battery life, which should get you through plenty of workouts, and the Bluetooth wireless provides you the ability to stream music from your favorite device. With the weather heating up and more sweat happening, the removable ear cushions are extra handy as they can be washed between uses.


You can pick up a pair of Trainer by Gibson headphones in your choice of white or black on, where they’ll set you back $249.99. Full technical details are available at the Trainer site.

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