Moshi 12-inch MacBook accessories now available

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It’s no secret we’re big fans of Moshi’s gear, so the availability of their accessories for Apple’s latest MacBook is pretty exciting news. With these you can keep your new MacBook safe from spills, scratches, and glare without sacrificing its super thin good looks.

  • iGlaze: a snap-on hardshell case. Keep your MacBook’s finish scratch free without covering it up; the iGlaze’s transparent finish lets your space gray, gold, or silver show through, while its integrated rubber feet help prop the laptop up to allow for better heat dissipation. It’s thin enough (only 0.6 cm) so it doesn’t bulk up your super skinny laptop, either. The iGlaze is $54.95 from Moshi’s online store.

Moshi iGlaze

  • Clearguard: a keyboard protector. Given the extreme engineering lengths Apple’s gone to on the new MacBook’s keyboard, a standard silicone guard just doesn’t cut it. Moshi’s gone for a super thin urethane instead, offering a keyboard protector that’s just 0.1 mm thick, so you can keep your keyboard safe from dust and spills without bulking up. The Clearguard is $24.95 at Moshi’s online store.


  • iVisor: a bubble-free screen protector. Although less susceptible to scratches than, say, an iPhone, your MacBook’s screen can still accumulate fingerprints and dirt. It can also show unwanted glare from lights around you. The iVisor installs without any bubbles, cuts glare, and includes cutouts for the FaceTime camera and mic built into the MacBook’s bezel. iVisor is $34.95 from Moshi’s website.


  • Muse for Macbook: a micofiber sleeve. When taking your MacBook along, the Muse gives you a secure place to store it whether you’re throwing it in a bag or carrying it by hand. The zipperless design ensures no scratches for your MacBook’s finish, and the integrated pocket gives you somewhere to stash chargers and cables. The Muse is $44.95 in Moshi’s online store.


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  • Brianna Semerau

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